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  1. Just a brief announcement to say that I finally got around to uploading a plain HTML verison of this story.
  2. Hmm. That's strange. That page opens just fine for me. Can you access this ZIP file? The version of SQ6 that I have came with the second SQ Collection that Sierra released.
  3. I would guess that there definitely are several differences bewteen version 1.0 and version 1.11, since I've never run into either of those bugs in version 1.11. I did some searching and found a couple of savegames for version 1.0 here. Neither of them are set close to the point in the game you described, but I think one of them starts off with Roger in the shuttle, which is about 3/5ths of the way through the game.
  4. Yep, SQ6 has a lot of bugs, and a few of them can render the game impossible to complete. This is why making multiple savegames (or knowing where to download savegames that other people have posted online) is so important. What exactly happened in this scenario? Were you unable to pick up the smaller gallstones that fell down after the large one almost squashed Roger?
  5. I don't know what I can say that hasn't already been said, but I figure I might as well say my piece as well: Even though I was never that familiar with the majority of Gary Owens' work, what little I have learned about him over the years really made me feel even more amazed by him. His presence in SQ series transformed great writing into spectacular dialog, and I'm sure I'm not the only one who saw him as one of *the* defining traits of the series, despite only being in 1/3 of the games. I'll always consider myself lucky to have seen him and several other notable actors in a show ca
  6. I think it's only available in Russian. This playthrough of it with an English commentary is fairly informative (I think it was posted here a few years ago), but if this game was covered, we'd probably just end up parroting a lot of whats said in this video.
  7. I would suggest a discussion of Space Quest knockoffs (like Altered Destiny, Rex Nebular and Ivan Lozhkin: Price of Freedom), but I suspect that that ground has been covered already. I'd also toss out the idea of a discussion of humorous sci-fi in general, but that might be too broad a topic, even if it were pared down to older and/or lesser known material.
  8. Okay, I just cleaned out about 30% of my PM inbox. Send away.
  9. Thanks, Chrono. I hope you enjoy the rest of the story.
  10. Well, I've finally got a simple "Behind the Scenes" page for this story uploaded.* It's got explanations for the many obscure in-jokes and references, a lot of deleted scenes, a few sketches, and some other stuff. *I say "finally" because when I first uploaded the page, it turned out...wrong.
  11. Wow. I'm touched. It's still going to be some time before I can sit down and start planning something like that out, though. Right now, I'm trying to get some work done on another project that I've really fallen behind on.
  12. Thank you very much for the comments, Blockmaster! I'm glad you enjoyed this story, and I appreciate the positive feedback. I was inspired to write this a short time after playing the two main SQ fangames of 2012 (a few weeks before the announcement of SpaceVenture), then fell into a pretty deep slump towards the end of that year which slowed my work on this thing to a slow crawl. I was just able to get going on it again towards the later half of 2014, and I was just able to get it to a point where I was satisfied with it towards the end of November. I never intended for this story t
  13. Well, Happy New Year, folks. Here are the last two chapters of The Time Machination. Chapter XXXVIII "So...that's pretty much it," Roger concluded. "Really?" RJ asked, caught off-guard by the abrupt end to the story. "Yes. I don't think he missed anything," Beatrice said. RJ slowly rose from the patch of plasticrete that he had been sitting on. "So...when is this little lizard guy going to get here?" he asked dubiously. "Well...it looks like he was supposed to be here twenty minutes ago," Roger said, glancing at his watch. "You don't think s
  14. Okay, so I'm obviously not going to get the entirity of this story posted by 2014, but since today is New Year's Eve and tomorrow is New Years Day, I'm posting two chapters two days in a row. Chapter XXXVI Two officers of the Northwest Arm of the Galactic Police Department were making their way through one of the upper hallways of the immense fortress that orbited the planet Pygalgia. As they rounded a corner, they encountered a body lying in the floor. It was the body of a humanoid male with a large head. He was wearing a white lab coat, and both his hands and his feet w
  15. Chapter XXXV After coming to, Roger made his way back to the OR, where he found his clothes just where Kwidnunk said they would be. However, though he was able to find most of his other possessions after some more searching, the one item that eluded him was the guitron case he had been wearing when he and Beatrice entered PlanetAid...as well as the time gun and the manual inside it. Roger searched every conceivable hiding place in the OR, but his efforts were in vain. He was nearing a state of panic and was about to go find Kwidnunk in the hopes of reviving him and demanding to know where
  16. Yes, the offal has collided with the rotating air circulation device... Chapter XXXIV Roger glanced around the Dome. Near a door opposite to the one he had entered by, he noticed a cart carrying a large metal canister which seemed to be filled with some sort of inflammable gas. He also saw a sturdy fire extinguisher mounted on the wall nearby. Roger briefly contemplated knocking Kwidnunk out with it, but he doubted that the scientist would be easy to sneak up on as Gurrex had been. Roger examined the items he was carrying with him in his tool belt: the magnet, the slimy
  17. Two more chapters... Chapter XXXII After consulting the map in the computer room, Roger discovered that the only other place Kwidnunk could be hiding was the Dome -- the topmost level in the facility. He began making his way there at a deliberate pace After climbing the first flight of stairs that led upwards from the main floor, he hurried down a long, nondescript corridor, climbed two more flights of stairs, then continued along an even longer and more nondescript corridor. Once this corridor ended, another corridor continued to this left, which in turn led to yet anoth
  18. Hmm...that would partially explain the complete lack of responses in this thread for the last couple of weeks. Chapter XXXI Kwidnunk wasn't on the other side of the door, but what Roger encountered was almost as shocking as the actual scientist. Nearly every wall of the room was occupied by rickety shelves weighted down with scrap metal, tools, wiring, crudely labeled boxes, circuit boards and numerous devices in various stages of completeness. None of the devices were immediately identifiable to Roger. Some looked as if they had been pieced together from scratch, while others
  19. More holidays today, so two more chapters. Chapter XXIX Roger returned to the ducts once more and made his way back to the computer room. The air was so filled with the drone of machinery, the hum of electricity and the angry mumbling of Sfazekz that the sound of Roger prying open the vent was virtually undetectable. Looking down, Roger noticed a large electrical cord plugged into a wall socket directly below the vent. The plug was quite bulky, and it didn't seem to be fitting its socket that securely. A light began to shine through the clouds in Roger's mind. Carefully
  20. It's Christmas, which means two chapters today. Chapter XXVII Roger opened his eyes. The voice he had heard was Kwidnunk's. He turned to see the large man standing next to him, staring at the broken brain monitor. Three of the other scientists were gathered around the gurney as well, all of them wearing gloves and surgical masks. There was also an IV bag suspended from a pole and a small table holding a stainless steel tray containing a variety of surgical instruments -- many of them very sharp. "What's wrong with this thing?" Kwidnunk snarled, smacking the brain monitor w
  21. Get ready for revelations... Chapter XXVI "Uh...I'm sorry to bother you like this, universe, but...I kind of need a little help with something." There was another annoyed sigh. "All right, all right...what is it? You want to know what happens after death, what the purpose of purple is, what the meaning of life is or how many licks it takes to get to the center of a -- ." "No...I actually wanted to know something else." "That's good," the universe said, sounding a bit less annoyed. "If you had asked me any of those questions, I'd tell you to piss off."
  22. Chapter XXV You can't go back. Not yet. Not YET. Those familiar, increasingly frustrating phrases were the only thing that passed through Roger's mind as he lay in an unconscious state, not knowing where he was, what was happening or how much time had passed since he had been attacked by the men in white. There was one point where he became aware of several nearby voices, he could only make out brief, faint pieces of what they said: "...almost ready..." "...restorative procedure seems to be..." "...should be able to handle the initial operation..."
  23. Chapter XXIV (SQIX||GORQWI_ROTUNDA||00:28:02:04:21) "So...that's pretty much it," Roger muttered. "I first met Zondra in the SQX time sector, and the first thing she did was wave a harpoon at me and tell me that I dumped her." "Then you forgot about that after you returned to your own time, and didn't remember until you saw her again at the Rotunda?" Beatrice asked. Roger nodded glumly. In hindsight, his fling with Zondra seemed completely unavoidable, given his past experiences with time travel. He had managed to drag himself out of his slump, but still had the cold, sickenin
  24. Another Sunday, another two chapters. Chapter XXII After stepping onto the teleportation disk and pressing the button on the Activator, Beatrice found herself standing inside what was undeniably a public restroom stall. The stall door was locked, the area outside the stall was just as empty as the stall itself had been before Beatrice's arrival, and a sign reading "Out of Order" was taped to the outside of the stall door. Beatrice checked the map, then stood cautiously beside the restroom door for a moment before opening it a fraction of an inch. Through the barely open doorway, s
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