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  1. I find it interesting how the GamerBoomers Forums and SpaceSimCentral gave no criticism at all. They straight up embraced it and gladly. SpaceSim even posted news about it on their homepage.


    I wonder if the crowd at AG's are more of the mythological/fantastical/serious-down-to-earth genre types? I can't say cause I've never spent any time there before.


    EDIT: And pcj, the Try Again function of SQ6 was pure genius. I LOVED that about the game.

  2. Mr. Trowe,


    I'll admit I was quite uncomfortable being in the position of correcting the CEO of a company employing some people I have 'idolized,' for lack of a better way of putting it, as well as even stepping up in defense of another of my 'idols,' whom I'm certain can take care of himself (the whole thing just seemed really awkward, and I took no pleasure in it); but I'm glad you were able to pick up on the sincerity of our concerns and take them at face value.


    I'll agree with others here that your recognizing of the mistake has required a great deal of courage and humility, and for that sir, you have earned my respect. I consider this thing just as though it had never happened.


    I believe if people are understanding and a bit more thoughtful than average, they can easily find that there are good reasons for everything. We are all human, and every one of us has our 'breaking' and 'boiling' points. I don't believe anyone could have rightly assumed that you didn't have a good reason for portraying yourself the way you had been (whether for lack of sleep or whatever else), unless they were also completely blind to their own faults.


    And for whatever it's worth, I would like to admit to you that I am not blind to mine. I unfortunately have learned this lesson on more than one occasion (once as recently as this very last semester, as I have gone at times for 46 hours without sleep because of emergencies to tend to in studio). I have had two courses in psychology as well, and I am aware of the effect that lack of sleep can have on a person's behavior. It literally causes temporary mental conditions, especially when it reaches the point of insomnia. I am certain with all the excitement and stress you have had to cope with regarding your new company/breakthrough, you have had your share. It is the intensity of times like these that we truly become stronger and better prepared for the future; and it's not a lesson easily forgotten, because even if we can rest at peace with ourselves knowing that all along we meant well but had only suffered a skewed perception due to the stress and strain, quite unfortunately we wind up affecting others outside of ourselves, and that's what hurts more.


    In short, I understand completely, and I don't see anything that has happened here as being something that is reason for a continued disdain from us to you. All is forgotten. When I look at you now, I don't see this angry bitter person. I see a fellow human with completely normal human thought processes and all the pros and cons that come along with it.

  3. I myself am beginning a new major this coming august, computer science. I loved architecture as a subject, but the career requires one to be a workaholic, and I don't intend to become one. It also isn't very secure.






    May 3rd, 2012


    Space Questers!


    How have things been in your quadrant? I doubt given the incredible events of late that you've been capable of being caught sleeping in a broomcloset somewhere (if you have been, you've missed out on a lot).


    You don't need me to tell you about the Two Guys' reunion, the return of Frans Van Hofwegan to his administrator panel, the merging of SQ.net with the VB, nor the release of three awesome fangames!


    The bar has been set high, time to keep it up.


    So, now for the latest scoop on "Space Quest: Roger Wilco and the Outer Edge of Earnon":


    The team has been knocked down to three of us: Myself, Mad_C33, and Questcollector. Vroomfondel, while remaining a great supporter, has had to step away for the time being, due to a dual enrollment in the medical field (best of luck, Vroom!), though he says if he can ever find the time, he'll be glad to come back. As it turns out, Icefoxer, the priorly to-be assistant conceptual artist, never had genuine interest in the project, and our correspondence was quite brief.


    No matter, the three of us will do it, and I assure you, had it turned out it were only myself, I would do it even on my own. It will be done.


    And things are turning up fantastically. I have such great excitement for this summer, and the entire coming year. My skillset and resources have finally leveled with my unceasing passion, and there is nothing that is going to stop great things from happening.


    The team and I (Myself, Sam, and Jeff) are immediately setting to work on completing that demo I've mentioned before. Now, when I say demo, I do want to be certain to allay your previously instilled conception of a "demo." This thing is going to be a hefty piece of game. We do not intend to release the game in installments, yet nor do we intend to create a demo that is not part of the actual game. We just want this one chance to impress you, because we realize it's been quite a long wait, and to get your feedback before the completed game is ready; therefore, we are, on this one occasion, going to release to you the beginning of the adventure through Day 1 on Xenon (One third of the beginning game section; being there are three game sections, beginning, middle, and end).


    Now, would you believe that in-between all the other hell I had to deal with during this crazy semester (which is over as of today!), I managed to make very nice progress on 7 more screenshots, and even played around with design for a gamebox using my newly-acquired copy of adobe photoshop...? I'll hold on to the screenie progress, cause you'll be seeing them in the demo soon enough, but take a look at the template for the game box: (See website for image)

  4. Don't really know much about anything that's going on with this, and I will resist the urge to place this scenario within one of those metaphorical 'boxes' I have collected, so that I can scrutinize it, despite that to me it seems all too classic of a scenario.


    Enough rambling.


    I will say this much: everything about the Two Guys, what they've done, what they're doing (and the way they're doing it), and what they can do is reason for excitement and anticipation of great things. Their spoken as well as unspoken language shines of true artistic desire and ability, and for the implied reasons which can make something like game designing so great. I believe them to be very inspired for what they've set out to do, and their actions speak to me that they have something great up their sleeves. They've got moxie.


    I find this to be one of those scenarios where another's criticism speaks even more of the victims' potential and ability to be envied than it does of the offender's incompetence.


    In other words, I suppose I could say to Mr. Trowe, "because they have the choice and they can do what they see fit with it, with or without your understanding or approval of it."

  5. Agreed, and it may also be worth mentioning that in the case of Sierra (now Activision holding the copyrights to the games), the Space Quest Series has been very well-published, distributed, and documented over the last 26 years, and so it is arguable that a registration of the trademark through the USPTO would not be necessary for Activision to win any court case regarding the matter. It simply isn't "guaranteed" that they would.

  6. I still comprise approximately 7/16's German, 3/8's French, and the rest a tiny mixture of Deutsch, Cherokee, and Blackfoot (all according to elders in my family whom I believe on every word simply because I'm not that into the hobby of geneaology (sp). Additionally, I am a descendant of John Hancock on my father's side, and a descendant of the original Hatfields (of the "Bad Blood" incident) on my mother's.

  7. Guys, I can clarify:


    I'll only speak on what I know for sure (the rest I learned within the last few months but just don't remember for certain).


    A work is techincally considered copyright simply by the autrhor writing the C with the circle around it, on his/her work (though this does no good if there is an infringement case (authors are advised to have their works registered so that if there is an infringement claim, the process is easy).


    Same goes for TM (TM is not register with the USPTO, yet simply for a person to use it indicates his/her intent to consider said design his/her trademark. It is best to register trademarks to avoid issues when claiming a dispute for infringement.


    One may wonder what is the point of not registering, when the government will not gaurantee to stand behind you if you haven't registered through their systems (otherwise, think about it, it's your word against theirs); but it does seem to help deter those who are not educated on the matter.


    Now, the stuff i can't claim I remember perfectly accurately: patents expire after 20 years, to avoid uncontrolled monopoly; yet extensions can be filed in some caes (patents don't apply to these adventure games, as far as I know (just trademakrs and copyright).


    I don't believe that trademakrs expire, yet it seems Roger Wilco was never a "registered" one.

  8. I've tried all 3 thus far.


    I'll admit that Incinerations hooked me for the longest, and I believe I'm neaerly done with it; but of course, things got tighter as the semester went on, and I havfen't played it for a good 2.5 months.


    VSB seems to have fantastic potential, though I'll admit I gave up when the fartulance creature kept hindering me. (Not for good of course, just haven't bothered to get back to playing it yet).


    SQ2vga I've played nearly all the way to the end, but am stuck at the part with the droid that guards the escape shuttle.


    Is it just me, or dfoes Roger's close-up remind of Paris Hilton...? I tihnk he talks way to nerdy (through his nose too) - just my reaction; though sq2vga is certainly a very nice play through in vga.


    EDIT: part with the bunny ordanance was just wrong.

  9. Haha, you guys... I used myself as a reference. I've got those genetically high cheek bones as a trait from my mother, so I figured I could pull it off. Of course I had to do a lot of manipulation to make it look mostly like Roger.


    Though, when I was younger, (and grew my hair longer), my mother always told me I looked like young Harrison from "Force 10 of Navarone," now... I just look like any other buzz-cut.


    I have been meaning to adapt those shots eventually, to make Roger look older. I think he could use some forehead creases, and maybe more prounounced brows?


    And if my spelling is off, it's cauase I pulled an all nighter (final architecture critique day at the college. I'm stressed over my grade, in severe pain in my head, and have alreayd begun medicating with some alchohol. Lol.

  10. Thanks, Ali!


    And, yes, of course. In fact the team and I have been chatting a bit in the past week, planning our collaborations for this summer (starting in the next couple weeks!) We're prioritizing on the playable demo for Day 1 (approx 5% of the adventure's length), so look for it the end of this Summer (that's not a guaranteed deadline, but we aim to make it very close to that)

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