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  1. Hey kids! James Mulvale here, I wrote the score for Quest for Infamy, the Cluck Y'egger game, SpaceVenture prototypes and a bunch of other stuff...I am NOW writing an album of both orchestral and organic-sound musical compositions that are recorded in true 3D audio meaning you will hear things coming from in-front and behind your head, above and below it... Not just left and right. My music will sample nature as well as human and household sounds and I intend to make my listeners feel like they are a million light years away. Please spread the word and if you think this is a pretty cool idea (it's definitely an unusual experience) then throw a few dollars in this direction and you'll be in for a treat! KICKSTARTER PAGE and here's another 3D audio tune made entirely from DUCK TAPE... Headphones Necessary for 3D!! DUCK TAPE SONG Love JM (sickfiction)
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    Controversy- Paul Trowe on the Two guys

    Anyone who's working on bringing this artform back is ok in my book.