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  1. Hey kids! James Mulvale here, I wrote the score for Quest for Infamy, the Cluck Y'egger game, SpaceVenture prototypes and a bunch of other stuff...I am NOW writing an album of both orchestral and organic-sound musical compositions that are recorded in true 3D audio meaning you will hear things coming from in-front and behind your head, above and below it... Not just left and right. My music will sample nature as well as human and household sounds and I intend to make my listeners feel like they are a million light years away. Please spread the word and if you think this is a pretty cool idea (it's definitely an unusual experience) then throw a few dollars in this direction and you'll be in for a treat! KICKSTARTER PAGE and here's another 3D audio tune made entirely from DUCK TAPE... Headphones Necessary for 3D!! DUCK TAPE SONG Love JM (sickfiction)
  2. Anyone who's working on bringing this artform back is ok in my book.
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