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  1. RT @TheMJAP: "Ban Muslims" he said. And Kanye is out here with this... https://t.co/kqc5iHZDyl

  2. RT @TheMJCast: We’re BACK with Season Four of #TheMJCast and Ep 75! We talk @MoonwalkersFilm, introduce some of our new correspondents + @E…

  3. @Ihnatko @macbreakweekly @leolaporte @alexlindsay @reneritchie You guys have been entertaining me and keeping me up… https://t.co/wr7wy9Ybl3

  4. Livvy got a visit from Chester today! 🌸👶🏽 https://t.co/QizNG4rhLr

  5. @Q_GS Was great. I will definitely check out a sequel. I’m glad it’s done so well critically and commercially as well.

  6. So @Q_GS + Beans + @SoulFlower2009 + @grilldburgers = fun times! 🍔👌🏽 https://t.co/b4h2Nq3iXl

  7. RT @MrGeorgeWallace: We gotta arm all the janitors too, y'all. Throw a gun rack on top of that mop bucket and shit. And don't forget the lu…

  8. RT @SpaceQuestNet: https://t.co/iJ4fNQSjld is back! We have put up an archived version of the site (with a few modifications and edits) wh…

  9. RT @TheMJCast: Ep 074 - J Q&A. Q’s exploring Europe, so @JamonBull takes the reigns to do his first Q&A. With 47 questions, topics include…

  10. RT @CEThomson: Oh no 😭He was so fantastic. Won't be able to watch Frasier for a while now. RIP. ♥️ https://t.co/ars56MMPWY

  11. Nice Thai dinner date at #RedGalanga in Bulimba to start the weekend! Love spending time with my two girls. 💜🍜… https://t.co/irLA1RxJKh

  12. @Q_GS Always love living vicariously through your photos. Keep the coming!

  13. RT @RichardDawkins: Finished Michael Wolff’s stunning Fire and Fury. The Trump debacle lurches between Carry On farce and Shakespearian or…

  14. RT @drwave: I really don’t understand how Instagram is not crazy super mortified that they don’t have iPad app. I read that interview with…

  15. Om nom nom! 🥄👶🏽 https://t.co/j3nsGBRyBX