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  1. In Space Quest IV, when you first get to the mall in SQX, the "Two Geeks from Andromeda" are signing copies of their latest game in one of the stores. So if Roger was able to come that close to them a second time so far from Earth, it's possible that they just ran into each other again in the intervening years.
  2. These are slogans, so if you have to alter them to make them work, then make it so. Soylent Smoothee: It'll clean the pores your dermatologist would never dare! Soylent Smoothee: If the taste doesn't shut the kids up, the behind-the-scenes documentary is sure to! Soylent Smoothee: Apply to your doors and windows and you'll never hear from burglars again! (Warning: Be sure to allow 8-10 years before using doors or windows again.) Soylent Smoothee: It's usually green! Soylent Smoothee: It'll clean that unsightly rust off your bumper, and it'll clean that unsightly bumper off your ship!
  3. "Ask them a hard question. Ask them why they didn't join up with the folks at Replay Games to create Sierra 2.0 and instead chose some guy they've never heard of, Chris Pope, to run a company they don't own." I don't know, maybe because they felt like making a new game rather than remaking one that's already been remade. I love Sierra, and I love Al Lowe. But they're not impressing me by asking for money to create a game that's already been created before and then created again before.
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