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Found 1 result

  1. Working on the latest SQH podcast prompted me to make some major changes to my Sierra's Resource Files site. I've taken a closer look at some of the games' text in SCI Viewer, and I'm starting to get a much better sense of where and when some of the things I've found were supposed to appear in their respective games. I've discovered several things which I didn't add to the pages for one reason or another, nearly all of it from SQ4 and SQ6. With this influx of new material, I've had to do a lot of shuffling around. The SQ series are now on a page of their own rather than the Miscellaneous page, and I ended up adding so much stuff from SQ6 that I had to create a separate page just for it (as well as its demo). I've also moved the content from my Secret Sounds of SQ6 to this new SQ6 page, since A) the Secret Sounds page is woefully outdated, B ) other games on SRF have audio on their pages, and C) it's slightly tidier this way. You've probably seen/heard lot of these new additions already, but for the most part, I've never seen many of these things gathered together in one online location. Even the SQ Omnipedia and The Cutting Room Floor Wiki don't have the clips of Roger reading the Radio Shock Catalog (though now, the latter probably soon will; they've borrowed a lot of stuff from SRF already). I've also played through the SQ4 beta and posted some of my more interesting finds here, which include Zondra without her boots during the torture scene, a slightly annoyed comment left by a programmer, and a glitch that actually has to be triggered in order to progress in the game. (By the way: If any of you are particularly fond of Maebot's voice and demeanor, you might end up feeling a little confused once you've learned how this particular character appeared in the beta. Also, the outro is amazing, and has to be seen to be believed.)
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