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Space Quest: The Dark Emperor (fangame idea)


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SQ fangame or simple SQ cartoon (with several episodes).

Plot: Roger Wilco is on his ship, he flies through space. But then portal (some black hole) will be appear and Roger will be captured in it. He'll go to another dimension. It's some dark universe with new villain - The Dark Emperor. The ship will be destroyed by some evil little space ships (space fighters) (it's people of Dark Emperor), and Roger's ship will be go down to some nearest planet.

Roger'll wake up on some dark planet. And he must find a way to go home.


The Dark Emperor is sort of Jaffar from Aladdin. 



Space fighters (with The Emperor's people) looks something like this (they are like flies)



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Magical abilities of The Dark Emperor are hypnosis, telekinesis (via green fireballs), fireball shooting.

It's magical dimension.

Everyone is afraid of him.


Roger is on planet Vicury. It's dark place (sort of Quest for Glory 4). There's cold and night always. Roger'll explore this place with some burning 'torch' (some detail of destroyed ship, with fire from this ship).

Punks, punkies. In some places there're evil assistants of The Dark Emperor (bullies)



Scrollocks. There're main assistants (with magical abilities: fireballs, control of people movements) (they are local 'cops', but from The Emperor)




Elren Wretch. One of them is almost good (evil woman). She'll like Roger. But she is evil anyway. In some moments she'll help Wilco, but then betray him (and Roger will win her). She is like Mileena from Mortal Kombat.



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There're several planets in this dimension. Roger'll find some planet scanner to explore this universe (and there'll be no that black hole). Then he'll find ship and go to other planets.

The Dark Emperor is on one of these planets. And his people are everywhere (some ugly evil humanoids with evil faces).

Main assistants are very dangerous and they has some various magical abilities (like The Emperor) and big guns (like from remake of movie 'Judge Dredd'). They are like Sequel Police.


The Emperor don't know about Roger Wilco. Roger's ship had destroyed because space fighters thought that he's some alien there (not from this places) (because Roger was on the strange unusual ship - for this universe).

Then Roger'll win some assistants and main assistants and find The Emperor. There'll be parody to scenes from Aladdin or King's Quest (or Quest for Glory, there's wizard too).

Caption of main assistants are scrollocks. Caption of another assistants are punks, punkies.

There're also normal citizens and they don't care about these evil people (they are already used to them). For example, there's local bartender in Vicury's bar, and he doesn't really care about everything around him.

Punkies sometimes destroy something and attack citizens. And sometimes scrollocks help local people. But really it's evil universe, and The Emperor like any evil things.


When The Dark Emperor learns about Roger Wilco, he will be interested and obsessed with his destruction. Because Roger is brash guy, and this universe is dominated by The Emperor (he doesn't like any good guys).

Some of citizens will help Roger, but they are afraid of punkies' anger (especially they are afraid of scrollocks).

Also there're some almost good punks (they doubt that The Emperor is needed). They are also dangerous, but can help Roger, and they hate scrollocks. They called theirself as 'light punks'.


Roger will on some local planets and talk with some people. Then he'll fight with scrollocks and meet that good one scrollock woman (let's call her Elren Wretch). Then she'll help RW, etc.

Roger will win one scrollock and take his dredd gun, and then he'll shoot some enemies on one of planet.


The Dark Emperor will control Roger Wilco at the last scene to kill himself. But Roger'll anyway win him and then steal his magical amulet and open the portal to Earnon Universe.

Evil Laugh.gifEmperor 2.gif


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