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SQ formula


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Why is the SQ4.5 so crappy? Why do no many fans like SQ6?


Because there's SQ formula.



Some thinks SQ is just sci-fi + parody, I don't think so.




You can add your own items.



SQ Formula


1. Sci-fi, space

2. Parody to famous brends (cinema, games, fam.places, stars, another SQ series)

3. Characters, narrator and the game mock at Roger

4. Roger always rescues something or somewho

5. Roger time to time acts stupidly (like fool)

6. Roger is able to exploit (he went to the Sariens' ship by his wish! It's certain death!)

7. Roger often has luck

8. Each new game is very different from others

9. Characters from prev.games rarely exist in next games

10. There's mini-game and, as a rule, with catch (it sorta mock at player)

11. In each game Roger always has enemies and friends

12. Sometimes there're Points of no return (if you did wrong action, you must to restart/restore the game)

13. Roger has many ways to die, what is more funny and stupid (with different funny pics and Narrator's dialogs)

14. The game starts from this: Roger is nobody, no one needs him

15. Roger doesn't know about the Narrator (obvious SQ4.5 mistake)

16. Facetiousness even in serious moments (not serious attitude to serious things) (e.g., dark & deadly world in SQ12 of SQ4, everybody're mutants and Beatrice is dying in SQ5; but in SQ6 everything is very serious and realistic, Police Quest 4 in space - SQ6 mistake)

17. Roger necessarily goes to some planet

18. Roger necessarily flies in the ship

19. Main enemy has minions (identical assistants)

20. Always there're NPC enemies (not minions, not enemies of main plot)

21. Always there're easter eggs

22. There's very long time distance between SQ games

23. Roger makes friends excatly in this game! (i.e. he doesn't know them before this game) (SQ6 mistake again, because we didn't see how Roger had made Stellar and Circuit as friends)

24. The same with Roger's enemies. As a rule, he has them in this game (of course, except Vohaul)

25. There're extensive territories (several locations: e.g., planets)

26. At the start of the game Roger has everyday life (everything is calm, routinely)

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