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Hey Gang - Chris Robert's Star Citizen


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Chris Robert's "Star Citizen"




Hello gang. Another "crowdfunding" effort, this time by Chris Roberts, the creator of the once-popular Wing Commander and Privateer series. It is not a kickstarter.


For those who played games back in the 1980s and 1990s, you know who this guy is or are aware of these games. For those who don't, this guy was a heavyweight designer who worked for the once all-mighty Origin; he was giving multi-million dollar budgets for games back when that was unheard of and delivered great products.


He then fell off the face of the earth about a decade ago after getting frustrated with interference from publishers. The SpaceSim genre pretty much collapsed with him (with some notable exceptions).


I am now convinced there is a concerted attempt by the creators of some of my fondest childhood memories to prevent me from paying my mortgage.


Anyways, thought there might be some WC fans on these forums. WC is no Space Quest of course, but I do remember those games with a tremendous amount of fondness ;).


- David6858


P.S. If Fred Ford and Paul Reiche III announce a kickstarter I'm deleting the internet.

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