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Android neophyte wants recommendations!


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Okay, so recently I came into possession of my very first home. :lol: Not a rental, but my own, honest-to-goodness house. Granted, it's a single-wide trailer and a bit worn around the edges, but it's still mine, dammit! :angry:


...ahem. Along with this relocation came a new cell phone - one that, unlike my old phone, has unlimited calls and text. More importantly, it's a smart phone - my very first one. ^_^ Having never had this level of technology before, I've been absorbed in all the myriad of ways to abuse its power and/or waste my time more productively than ever before.


It's an Android phone - an Electrify-M - and I figured I'd come on here and ask you folks what sort of geeky games, apps, and other goodies I should put on this thing. I'm already working on getting ScummVM going with my favorite adventure games, but are there any other killer apps I should be on the lookout for?

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Some of my Android apps (some of the free+paid are must-haves):



AntTek Explorer — Best file manager available IMHO.

Kingsoft Office — Best office app hands-down... and it's free!

Kingsoft Clip — Saves clipboard entries. There's a desktop version as well for sending stuff across. Handy little tool.

Hacker's Keyboard — Great keyboard, especially using 5-row mode in landscape orientation.

Llama - Location Profiles — Keeps track of signal towers for location-based setting for your phone. Great for setting it automatically to silent when you have a meeting schedules and such...

GPS Essentials — For playing with your GPS beyond navigation.

Geohash Droid — For all your geohashing needs.

Zedge — For finding cool ringtones easily.

yaaic — IRC client.

Evernote/Catch/Google Keep — For taking notes.

Google Drive/Dropbox — For your on-line storage.

Google Translate — Can translate more than text, e.g. sms and voice.

Chrome — ...

Feedly/News360 — For reading rss feeds.

Go Launcher/Holo Launcher — For changing up the launcher interface. Go is really nice and full of customization, Holo is really streamlined.

Wind-up Knight — Awesome runner which really shows off gaming graphics on Android.



Free (but have paid version):

aCalendar — Best calendar app hands-down. ('+' version is mostly to support the developer.)

RealCalc — Scientific calculator. (Plus version adds some extra calculation modes and a landscape layout.)

HomeFlip — Sidebar app manager for quick-switching between apps. (Full version enables some extra customization.)

Archos Video Player — For all video playing needs including flv (Full version removes adds)

Moon+ Reader — Best eBook reader hands-down. (Pro version adds a PDF module, note-taking, and a million other things.)




PowerAmp — My favourite music player. There are awesome free ones, but none that cover everything like this one does. For a free one I'd probably suggest doubleTwist or the free version of either WinAmp or Rocket Player, but none are as good.

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