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SCI game versions


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Hey, everybody!


Haven't really been able to find an answer to this question anywhere...has anybody cataloged what the different versions are that exist of the different SQ games, and what the differences are between each version?  I'm especially interested in SQ1VGA and SQ4.


By "versions" I don't just mean "disk vs. talkie-CD" but rather Sierra officially-produced-and-distributed patches for each game.  (I know there are fan-made/third-party patches available; I'm not talking about those.)  For example, if I browse around eBay and look at the pictures of floppies in boxes being sold, I have only ever run across SQ1VGA disks that say "2.0" on them, and SQ4 disks that say "1.1" on them.  Were there ever "1.0" disks of either, or are these the first known versions of each?  Were updated disks beyond these versions ever published by Sierra, and if so, did they just contain bug fixes, or were there any content changes (as a result of lawsuits or not)?  What were they?


Similarly with the SQ4 CD.  I have seen 3 or 4 different SQ4 CD labels.  Did they all contain version 1.0 of the CD release and they just merely have different label artwork, or are there differences between them?  Was there ever a version of the CD (perhaps the very earliest pressings) that had e.g. Radio Shock instead of Hz So Good?


Were updated versions of the games included on the various collection CDs that were released, or are those versions exactly the same as the ones released individually up to that point?  How about the ones that are currently being distributed digitally by GOG or Steam?


Thanks a bunch!


-- Nathan

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Great post! I've often wondered this as well. Thanks, Collector.


Is there a similar page for AGI games? I can't find one on the wiki...


So moved that you have my game, MunkeeMan, on there. I made that when I was 13 over Memorial Day weekend, and I actually never submitted it to anyone. I sent it around the AGI mailing list looking for help getting the victory message to show. You'll notice that once you win the game, it just stops responding. 


Old database entries used to have my dad's name on it, Howard Johnson. Oh well.

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Awesome; thanks!  This would seem to imply that every release of SQ4MPC (CD) is identical, including all modern collection and digital-distribution re-releases.  That kind of surprises me!


Mop Jockey, now that I know these wikis exist, I was able to find this page on the AGI one, which would seem to fit the bill: http://agiwiki.sierrahelp.com/index.php?title=Sierra_Game_List -- I found it by navigating to the root of the wiki, then going to AGI Games, then Sierra Game List.


-- Nathan

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Hmm... I checked out the page of one my favourite fangames, URI Quest, and it was marred with a bizarre negative review by some guy named David Smith.


Is there any way for others to offer alternative opinions? There are only a handful of decent non-demo AGI fangames, and this guy makes it sound like URI Quest isn't very good. On the contrary, it's one of the only AGI fangames that is any good at all.


There's a pretty clear bias that slips into his review, too, when he mentions that URI Quest "takes from" his game, which I've never played and now have little desire to.


Any interest in a) allowing others to leave reviews, b ) having a more neutral review, or c) having a simple description in lieu of a review?


EDIT: lol - turns out David Smith also reviews his own (incomplete) games on the wiki, too. 


"The graphics are pretty good on this game. (I drew most of them.) The technical aspects are also pretty good, but this is really much more of a teaser than really a playable demo. The plot is pretty well fleshed out, but unfortunately, the execution for the making of this game was poor. As a group project, it should of gotten done quickly, but poor organization was its downfall. Kenneth really needed to keep tighter raps on the people making elements of the game. Since he was often hard to reach, most people probably lost interest in working on it. I only ever intended to draw a few since just to get it going, but no other artists joined. I have no idea now where this project is going."


Does the wiki really need this weirdo's opinions and slander all over every article?

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