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  1. Brilliant stuff, congrats to everyone involved!
  2. Well that just out of reach figure of $499,042 would never happen. Like I said previously there would be a number of dedicated hardcore fans who would up their pledges at the last moment to make sure it goes through. You maybe underestimating the pull of a closing kickstarter, it is like an auction. Some people get caught up in the excitement without thinking about the amounts they are bidding. If the kickstarter does fall through I think they could go to a publisher. Replay Games (http://www.replaygamesinc.com/) successfully funded the remake of Leisure Suit Larry earlier in the month on
  3. One thing some new people to Kickstarter do not realise is that there is often a big surge in funding during the last couple of days. Regular KS funders often use the "Remind me" button when browsing projects that take their interest rather than contributing off the bat. This often is so they don't over commit themselves or is used when the project is only of a casual interest rather than a must-fund. That Remind me button automatically sends out a email notification and reminder to the person 48 hours before the funding wraps. So there will be a significant last day surge. That period is also
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