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  1. After seeing this thread I decided to dig out my Original Space Quest collection. I purchased the 2 CD set with my report card money in the 7th grade. I still remember being so excited that it included a preview for space quest 7 and space quest 5 (which I had not seen previously. Boxer is amazing, I am a experienced windows user and I prefer to play Dosbox games on the mac simply because of Boxer. In addition to being really easy to use and organizing your games, you can also easily get MT-32 emulation for great music in SQ3 and up. In addition to outstanding music you also get to see messag
  2. I've been listening to the commentaries for Space quest series, it's pretty awesome. I may be going for the next reward tier here soon although I'm not sure if I will be able to gift the gog.com game download credit to someone else since I already have both sets of the space quest games.
  3. Finally! I wish it hadn't taken so long to prove once and for all space quest is not dead!
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