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  1. A long time ago,I made this post on the MC-Forums. It's a Roger statue I made on AR87.ca Here's some picsHere's something extra,a project i've been working on:
  2. Twamis,how did you make that? it's cool!Is there a generator for it or did you just use photoshop?
  3. I understand the CPU intensive part,we use splash potions to kill the zombies when they're at about 53.
  4. That kinda stinks,I guess it could be qualified as cheating though. But me and John already made a mob trap. We plan on an IRON FARM :D Hey,the fact that the mobs spawn from a cage qualifies as "cheating",but its in the game. Oh well,Oki Doki Loki.
  5. Space Quest III. Nuff Said.... The music was my favorite in any other video game I ever played,or ever will play. The music was catchy,addicting,and just plain good. I also like C418. They're a band that does the music for Minecraft :D
  6. I play Minecraft ALOT. Terriea and other indie games.
  7. Hey Brandon,I was on the server today,and I decided I show you something.Some guy,his nickname was John,was making the shield generator from SQ3 in the Nether!You really need to check it out,not only that,but it has a Nether_Wart farm in it :D Also,I would like to ask you something,do you know how to make a mob farm?It would be cool if you could get the admins and some players to make a 3 story one,each story for Peaceful,Hostile,And Oceanic.Just thought I show ya! Bye! Sincerely -StarburstDude By the way,if this is in the wrong post,sorry,I tried to message you but you'
  8. UPDATE:Most of Island is Netherrack,still some stone,sand,water,dirt,grass,log,and leaves. Going to landscape soon!
  9. UPDATE:I'm gonna need you're help Space Quest Community! I'm going to be using the punchwood.com seed to make Ortega. I will make it,well,Ortega.It won't be like Ortega though! It'll have lava and Netherrack,and volcanoes. But i'll need you're help to make it accurate to the game! I'll release the map,and edit it yourself! Hope you enjoy! Wait one sec,wasn't I supposed to do this MYSELF? Oh well,I guess it's you're choice to help ;)
  10. Why Thanks!But I would like to try making my own.....Monolith burger.Thanks,and I might use the texture pack ;) I think for the Ortega World,I should use superflat,make my own mountains...
  11. I need help.......I don't know if I should use a super-flat world or a default world,which would make it easier to make Ortega D:.I probably will use Worldedit or something like that....
  12. I've had this idea for awhile now. MusicallyInspired is still working on Space Quest I in the server he has,so i guess i'll help him with doing Space Quest 3! You may ask:Why SQ3?Why not SQ2? A:Space Quest 3 is my favorite Space Quest,and I can't wait for it to be made in Minecraft! So,since I am a cheesy artist,I will be making a texture pack for it,it will be much like the SQ1 texture pack. Yay!Paint.net :D I will be creating Ortega first,then Monolith Burger,then Phleebut,then the Garbage Frieghter,and lastly.....Pestulon. If you like the idea,leave a comment
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