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  1. My Skype is "dinglefdange" without quotes. and i don't have a mic.
  2. You should open up a Universal Electricity Mod Pack Server(the one from the FTB launcher). Psst,Brandon,it has MYSTCRAFT!!!!
  3. I just saw this AMAZING video,where a boy time travels in minecraft,using the command block I'd like to make a time machine,and I need ideas for the timepod.SQ4 perhaps?Leave suggestion in comments,PLEASE Video: He has a great spirit,great voice :) Good to see small kids play the game and do interesting stuff,not go on servers and spam swastikas,dicks,etc.... Have a great day SQ community Sincerely,Star
  4. Also here's my photobucket,see some pics of other things too,:D It has proof there ;) http://s1253.photobucket.com/albums/hh594/borrowerscredit/
  5. Hi Musical There is a player in Member Survival,Jona27612,griefed my train station system,on purpose also locked my doors to my house in free survival... I reported him,and I am upset,he called me dumb too! Out of anger I took his bed,left some signs too. Please ban him,you're my buddy.... RAWR,i'm just mad.I thought this was a community server to have fun Btw,I left him (1) cobble dick at his home :) Thank you for you're patience, You're Buddy,Star ;D
  6. Ok,this is awesome... In 1.4 there will be INVISIBILITY POTIONS :D Just though i'd show you guys: Where Am I?!?!?!?!
  7. 1.3.2 has come out.It was a GREAT idea to save some un-generated terrain so we can find emeralds in Extreme Hills and Villagers to trade with!
  8. I've been working on the lava and water,The nether rack is now a black rock with red lines on it.XD
  9. I used a generator for it,I always use these cool things like that,the only legit one I did was a really cool Roger statue.Also,what is 2GFA?I don't mind at all BTW Also,I don't use Google Plus,I am a proud user of hotmail,can you please post a picture of the page so I can see?
  10. Oh god.All I post is Minecraft,oh well.I wonder why this game is addicting?: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lTn2X1H9Zgk Please leave a comment on the video :D
  11. I also did some with the Aluminum Mallard.....
  12. All done with a generator,called SpriteCraft.I think it looks great.Using my great MCEDIT skills(I only know how to import schematics).
  13. I just thought I would show you this. Most of my projects are MCEdit made,so here,a pixel arts!http://i1253.photobu...6-28_182906.pngHope you like :P
  14. I was thinking of trying other Serriea games,QFG,PQ,And Freddy (something),Frontier Pharmacist....
  15. Man,harder than I thought,onto Photoshop,I GO!
  16. Ok,to start off,I know Musical made a texture pack for the SQ1 area of his server.I KNOW. But what I was planning on doing is make a texture pack,for myself,that I would use. NO THIS AIN'T A TEXTURE PACK REQUEST......... *instead of one of the paintings being King Graham,it would be Roger Wilco! *Netherrack would be blackish like Ortega,also the lava,being AGI red *32x32? *Other items,such as TNT would be a denoator,pretty much,SQ themed *Some things would be from other Serria games,and/or just how I would like it. If you like the idea,say something :D :foreveralone: I
  17. What sucks is that the server,ar87.ca is now gone D: It's some roleplay thing(A PEICE OF TURD)
  18. I do play online flash games.KILL BILL:D
  19. That's really funny!I love it:D
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