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  1. I figured there must be some degree of crossover between Space Quest and Star Control fans besides myself. If you've been completely out of the loop, Stardock acquired the rights to the Star Control games (but not all of the creative property) some time ago, and hit the streets with some new media last week related to their upcoming prequel "Origins." https://www.starcontrol.com/media If you played much Star Control 2 in the '90s, that brief teaser video might make you giddy. This is the most excited I've been about an upcoming game in a long time (frankly since some of my hopes fo
  2. edit *eh, nevermind* ... you guys have fun.
  3. FM80


    I know nothing about it other than its icon in the Mac App Store: a blond-haired cadet holding a mop. Figured someone might be interested. http://www.redshirtgame.com
  4. Played through it on OS X this morning and didn't run into any show-stopping bugs. Glad to see the humor and music are intact, and lots of little touches (like Ace's space van coming in a little too fast at the beginning) seemed like classic Two Guys material. Having said that, the click-drag puzzles seem unnecessary ("hey, it's 2013 ... we should add swiping!") and didn't work well. The old man in me also wishes that right-clicking would just cycle through the cursors rather than bringing up a menu. Overall, the least polished areas of the demo felt like ... well, a Unity game. The be
  5. I'll just leave this here for posterity.
  6. Fully functional on Mac. Some minor things could be tweaked if it was a bigger project, but sound, interface, scripting, etc. all works. Only thing that might give paranoid people pause is that the WINE component asks for network access at launch. Thanks for bundling this up, I hadn't played it until today. Great job, folks!
  7. Boxer is even more beautifully simple than DosBox, for what it's worth, and handles the SQ games (and MT-32 readout!) perfectly. I've been playing back through them all this month.
  8. As someone who played the first two SQ games on Apple IIGS, then 3, 4, the SQ1 remake, and 6 on the Mac … I certainly hope the Spaceventure project comes to the Mac. I have swarms of iOS devices, too, but they're more about raw productivity for me and I don't do much gaming on them. Speaking of which ... why didn't we ever get SQ5 on the Mac? Was that a Dynamix thing? I think KQ6 came out about the same time, so Sierra hadn't abandoned the platform entirely. It was years before I finally played 5 on a PC, and it became one of my favorites.
  9. It's nice to have another site to read ... I've been frantically refreshing Apropos of Something for three years to see who would be the next Lost-vivor.
  10. So, you're not all dead then … impressive.
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