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    space quest of course, most adventure games n nintendo games, hitting up the bar , playing pool n shooting darts, I also like fishing and going to the gun range
  1. Do you have the branch that you use to push the rock to crush WD40? One time for the hell of it I didn't get the branch, when I went through the cave with the waterfall to get to that rock, she wouldn't follow me
  2. Whats up eveyone, my names Pyzik, im 28 and i live in connecticut. I am a lab technician at a company that makes super conductors for the magnets that power up mri machines. I have been a fan of space quest since 1989, my first memory of playing space quest i was 5 and i was at my uncle joes (rip) house n he was playing space quest 3. After watching him play he saw that i was so amazed and amused by the game he let me play and since then i became hooked on space quest. I have to say space quest is still my favorite game and im thrilled that mark and scott reunited and that spaceventure is on i
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