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  1. Do you have the branch that you use to push the rock to crush WD40? One time for the hell of it I didn't get the branch, when I went through the cave with the waterfall to get to that rock, she wouldn't follow me
  2. Whats up eveyone, my names Pyzik, im 28 and i live in connecticut. I am a lab technician at a company that makes super conductors for the magnets that power up mri machines. I have been a fan of space quest since 1989, my first memory of playing space quest i was 5 and i was at my uncle joes (rip) house n he was playing space quest 3. After watching him play he saw that i was so amazed and amused by the game he let me play and since then i became hooked on space quest. I have to say space quest is still my favorite game and im thrilled that mark and scott reunited and that spaceventure is on its way. I did pledge money towards their kickstarter and ive been monitoring all these awesome videos, posts, podcasts, comments, etc since back in june, the reason ive been silent until now is because during the time of the kickstarter i was working 3rd shift so i couldnt really go to any of the live chats cause i was sleeping during the day but i did catch up with everything while i was at work n was constantly checking my phone to see if the kickstarter fund went up. I actually have been monitoring all these space quest websites for years just hoping that some kind of miracle can happen, i was devasted when i found out that sq7 was cancelled. I remember back in 96 when i first got the internet using netscape navigator, i typed in space quest and the 1st site that showed up was the virtual broomcloset and then wilcos domain, festers world of wonders the list goes on. When all this awesome tga and spaceventure news came around i recognized some of the fans names like jess who created the virtual broomcloset and troels who wrote the sq faq and im pretty sure he wrote some fan fiction, the sq1 novel i believe but nobody has heard of me which is why i decided to crawl outta the orat cave and join the crowd. I guess ive been silent all these years cause i have trouble thinking what to say which is why im blabbing on here, but i guess i feel like i can relate to u fans out there.
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