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  1. There's a world of difference between expressing honest concerns and saying "they obviously ran out of money" when all you have to go on is a job ad and an update (Oct 1) with less info in it that you would have liked.
  2. I posted a balancing comment. http://steamcommunity.com/app/231910/discussions/0/792923684205322551/
  3. Well, the original LSL1 sold over 1 million units (and apparently the hint book sold even better), so selling 100,000 units today (to pull a number out of my hat) could be both indicative of a shrunk adventure market and a huge profit for Replay games at the same time. Actually, LSL1:R could be a huge success. We don't know. I'm noting with wonder that the press release about licensing LSL1:R for retail quoted on gamasutra dates from October 9th, the same day Paul tried to shame the SpaceVenture project for running out of money and making changes to their development team - incidentally,
  4. That tallies nicely with Josh Mandel's last post on the Replay forums dating from June 27th, 2013.
  5. Says Al ( ): Also, apparently the Kickstarter FAQ had this wording at first: The section has since been reworded, but that statement has been widely quoted on the web. It's not clear to me that Replay was obligated to do six remakes -- apparently one remake would have sufficed to prove their capabilities and to rake in enough funding to interest strong backers or, ideally, to finance a sequel outright. I have no idea how Replay's remake of Leisure Suit Larry's Casino for iOS fits into this.
  6. Here's a quick translation of Michael Stein's news item: He might have mentioned that Leisure Suit Larry Reloaded was produced by Replay Games, but other than that, it appears a succinct summary.
  7. I find it ironic that Paul Trowe was complaining about a lack of response from the 2GFA, yet the recurrent questions on the status of Replay doing LSL2:R remain unanswered. If I remember that correctly, Codemasters only licensed LSL1 to Replay with some (more or less implied) promise of licensing the whole series if that first game did well. Replay must now be at a point where they're negotiating for those upcoming licenses. It would certainly explain why we're seeing the first LSL:R sale now. If Replay fails to get that license, the thought arises as to which properties would carry Replay int
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