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  1. When discussing Droids-R-Us with Scott 2 years ago (yes, I looked it up), he replied: "No, it never went to court, and yes, it was in the 1.0 version in the original great looking black box Mark designed. We were standing in the upstairs hall of the infamous red building talking with Ken when Mark Crow’s wife Sandy, Ken’s then executive assistant, came over and showed him a letter from the lameass Toys-R-Us legal department telling us we couldn’t use Droids-R-Us blah blah blah. Ken thought a moment and said they owed us money and kiddingly ‘dictated’ a reply to Sandy that said we would continue to use it and to sign it off with, “Thank you, fuck you and pay us the $75,000 you owe us.” He later added: "Part 2 of the story: (I thought I posted it. Where the hell did it go?) However, a short time later Ken came in to our office and, in a nipple-stiffening display of executive bravado, told us we had to change it and left. There wasn’t an image on the outside of the box that showed Droids-R-Us, and the people who could have given us the most grief, LucasArts, never mentioned it and they have legal rights to the word Droid which we used a frequently. You’ll notice there’s a disclaimer about it on each commercial for Android phones."
  2. Indeed he hasn't. When I met Ken and Roberta a few months ago, they not even once mentionned Paul. They did talk about Larry Reloaded though, but only Al was mentioned. Ken also played the Space Venture demo by the way, which he enjoyed. He was particularly pleased with the graphics, though adding that the mechanics could use some improvement, so eat that, Mr. Trowe.
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