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  1. Yeah, I know. Sorry, man. Listen, are the Two Guys hiring right now? I've had some health issues of late, and wonder if a change of scenery might do me good. I think we've established by now that Pete doesn't read this thing, so I reckon I'm safe.
  2. Troels, Really sorry to hear you can't do the podcast, mate, but I suppose for good reasons. Sadly, Pete doesn't see it that way. He's convinced that you've "retired". As such he asked me to upload this. I can only apologise profusely. Pete has an announcement for Troels and for the community. Take care. And sorry. Again. D
  3. I'm glad you guys think it turned out OK. But Troels, please do the next episode. I can't deal with Pete at the best of times, but his ego has ballooned since he got his hands on the microphone.
  4. Hi guys, I just wanted to let you know that I was asked to produce the latest edition of the podcast. Pete Toleman, my boss, is the host, but he got me to do the technical stuff. He talked for at least 4 hours, about all sorts of stuff - including how the Jews run the media and why women shouldn't be allowed to be firefighters. But I managed to keep some of it on track, and I've condensed the show to 45 minutes. I just wanted to say thank you to Brandon, Jess, Alan, Serena, Fred and Chris for helping me out by sending in broadcastable material for the show. I hope you enjoy it. The file is with Chris Pope. Expect it to be out at some point in the next few days, God willing. I also apologise on behalf of Pete. Man, I really hope he never reads this forum. ~ D ~
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