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  1. Longtime Two Guys fan, SpaceVenture backer, finally registered after ages of lurking to post on this thread. Gary Owens was a true legend. His work was a major part of my inspiration to pursue the work I do now in performing, radio, and voice acting. He'll be missed terribly by all his admirers, and SpaceVenture will definitely feel his loss. George Lowe started his version of Space Ghost by trying to slightly imitate Gary Owens' original. The Owens impression was soon dropped entirely, though, as the Cartoon Network version of Space Ghost quickly became a comedic character completely seperate and distinct from Owens' original. Lowe's Space Ghost voice rapidly evolved into a differently-textured and uniquely-performed character, he made the performance all his own. If Lowe were interested in doing SpaceVenture (and I'm not assuming he would be, I usually hate these fantasy-casting things as there's so much more that goes into the decision for an actor to take a part) it'd be a perfect nod to Owens while keeping the narration unique and great to listen to in its own right.
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