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  1. Hey, is this gone now or just down temporarily?
  2. Hey! I'm Javacat and some of you may recall me from my old alias, "JesseJames". I was a bit of a troll, wrote complete nonsense and caused a bit of trouble at times. I first appeared in a Space Quest community when I emailed Jess in 1999, when I contacted him with a query about SQ7 (I had forgotten about this, was just looking for when I joined that site and found the email from Jess :D ) and then registered in the SubSpace Channel not long after it was created in mid 2000. Anyway, after joining the SubSpace Channel I moved into #sq and was a member of the JT for a while, although n
  3. Loving these screenshots. Nice work with the game, can't wait for it to be release 8) :wink:
  4. I wish I could play Space Quest on a handheld console. :( Oh.. Right.. I can 8)
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