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  1. QUICKLY SMASH RANDOM BUTTONS TO DODGE THE BULLETS - That kind of stuff got incredibly ridiculous during the past years in some games, I wouldn't be too surprised to see some reference to that. Or even better: Slow-Motion for no apparent reason. Cruising through the latest Hollywood game in style might be cool, but a die-hard Space Quest fan most definitly needs Fast-Motion (best viewed with those Death Ray Glasses).
  2. I spent the past years wasting weekends on Elder Scrolls 4, and since November, Elder Scrolls 5. Perfect "Dear god, I just wanted to play for half an hour and now my baby has starved"-type of game.
  3. yay yay yay It's almost like having travelled back in time now. Welcome back!
  4. >Appearance: Pretty much retarded. >"Sadly... He didn't reply." That's weird.
  5. Last visited: Tue Sep 25, 2007 8:49 pm I never thought I would ever taste the sweet flavour of a phpBB again :drool: Just read the news about it while pondering about the wonders of life (taking a dump, actually) - I'm certainly late to the party, but seriously, who would have thought!
  6. some similarities but i don't think this is supposed to be a original bob marleys song... maybe its just me but the Space quest song sounds completely different...
  7. (Y) I was totally unaware of this. I found some stuff for Space Quest 2 on this Nokia N-Gage thing some time back, i still might have it... Where did you find this? Are there any other projects?
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