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  1. Congrats, everyone! Never thought I'd see the day...
  2. I'm also partial to the idea of the comic...
  3. I'm still scratching my head vis-a-vis the number of backers at the $15 dollar tier. I mean, if people are only somewhat interested in the game or if they can't spare the dough, then I understand their reluctance to pledge more. But at the same time, a $30 increase from the first tier gets one some pretty cool stuff. What more could be done to entice these backers to up their pledges? Over half of our backers are at this level, and it would be awesome if we could convince them to pledge some more money.
  4. Hi, everyone - Apologies if this is a little facile... So we've got a pretty solid core of backers right now (around 4000). Of course, we'll pick up more backers as the campaign continues, but 4000 seems pretty good. Anyway, if we can get some sort of momentum going on the KS comment page, we could (potentially....) up the total amount pledged even if backers only raise their pledges by a modest amount. Any ideas? I'm not sure how many backers actually visit the message board, but surely a good number do. At any rate, it really wouldn't take much (from each individual) to seriously ge
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