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  1. wow, i've driven by that place at least a half dozen times (unfortunately after Sierra was gone) and never even noticed it. so close to the 41-49 junction too, would have never thought it was that far inside town. the pics always made it look like it was in the middle of nowhere, but then again most of Oakhurst is like that LOL i'm going to have to roll in there if I'm that way again and snap some pix.
  2. SQ3 by far. Considering it was only 13 at the time and I finished the game in under 3 hours first time and in one sitting. No other Sierra game (in the main 4 series I played) ever finished that quickly.
  3. I go with Space Quest IV. I thought the story was great (and a lot longer, especially if compared with SQ3), the music is awesome and Gary Owens! I thought 5 lost a little since the speech pack never came for it and 6 was a bit hard to stick with in order to finish it. I like them all but 4 is my clear favorite by quite a bit.
  4. Hey MI ... any new news about this one? If Jan 2009 was over half done, I'd hope May 2010 is close to ready-to-fly ... I'm thinking of replaying SQ (as an effort to give 6 a second chance) but want to play IA's SQ2 after playing SQ1VGA ... please say it's soon :D
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