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  1. I'm super excited about this ;). I hope this opens up the possibility of a new SQ game!
  2. I'd be interested in seeing the Sid the Orat stuff if anyone comes across it.
  3. This brings back memories ;). I remember Sid the Orat....I contributed to that one. No idea where to find it now though.
  4. The idea for this poll is genius....the kind of genius idea that makes one resentful for not having thought of it first!. I was stuck between SQ1 and 3. I think that 1 has the easiest puzzles of the series. Even if it has some bad dead ends, it's so short that it isn't difficult to just start over completely. I think that SQ3 was rather obscure for the fact that it took a lot of aimless bumbling around before you accidentally stumble upon what the plot is supposed to be. Also, that Astro Chicken game is really hard! Still, it's my second fav in the series for its atmosphere, music and hum
  5. I think modern adventure games, or at least newer ones, have spoiled us ;) It wasn't until I started playing through the SQ collection that I realized how many frustrating arcady parts there are in SQ4. Still, I consider my fav in the series.
  6. I agree, that SQ 4 has an epic feel to it. It is my personal fav in the series. I also personally find it to be the funniest, but I know a lot of others think III is funnier. I think I recognize you from the telltale forums ;) - GuybrushWilco
  7. I recently got the new Space Quest Collection, and just finished SQ2. I have played and beaten all of them previously except for SQ5, which I look forward to playing. I was wondering what everyone considers to be the most difficult in the series. I think that SQ2 has the most dead ends, but the mall escape sequence in SQ4 is brutal.
  8. I'm going to say Space Quest 4. I think that it has the best story of the whole series, and is also the funniest in my opinion.
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