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  1. WOW. You certainly have done a lot of hard work here. I am looking forward to the completed version. Keep up the good work.
  2. Sledgy, Thanx for posting the interview and Thanx frans for answering the questions. Was interesting reading Wilconologist
  3. Thankyou for creating your website. I had to use google to translate into english but apart from that absolutely full of good stuff. Thanx again
  4. Well it looks like the results are in unless we are inundate with more votes. Drum role Please...... brrrrrrrrrrrr and the winner is SQ5 I still find it curious that how poorly the first three games did... Thankyou to every1 who has voted. and to those who havent could you please.
  5. joco Your right about how cool the minigames were, the minigames in sq3 gave it something special. Infact I would probably go as far as to say that the minigames in 3 were the best in the series. At the very least astrochicken beats super stoogefigher anyday.
  6. Doctor and Inspired, I can certainly understand why you think the award should goto sqIV and agree that there was far more story than the previous three. It definitly is a close call regardless of which game one chooses.
  7. Playing through the entire series atm, including unofficials aswell. Up to SQ3 just love the garbage ship @ the beginning of the game
  8. Vroom thanx for the quick reply and pointing out about my vote. Looks like i did a roger. SQ2 was the first game i ever played and was "given" it buy a friend. But i was a kid then and couldnt buy anything that expensive for a long time so my games collection was limited. SQ5 was the first game I purchased and I can remember saving all my pocket money so I could buy it when it hit the stores. I was horrified when one day I came home from school and found out we had been broken into. My puter was gone along will all my sierra stuff. ****en theives even stole all my clothes including underwear... I mean really. I can understand the computer but stealing a teenage boys undies??? some messed up people out there. Anyway I had not played them for years and just recently managed to buy a brand new unopened version of the Sq collection ( all games on 1 cd ) for $20 from the local game store. Ahhh the memories. Summing up SQ2 was special as she was my first but I still think SQ5 was better all round.
  9. Hi All, This is my second post so i hope I havent put this in the wrong spot. Just thought id promt a little discussion on what features we loved about the games. Personally the next mutation was my favourite. I still can help but think how beautifle the artwork was. So whis was your favourite and why?
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