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  1. http://fav.me/d3klx97 A ten second video of my Daz3d rendered apeman talking. The voice over was from sq4 and worked into the render using mimic pro. The original version of this file is extremely large in size. Rendered @ 2688 x 1258 and 62fps it was 317.52MB and took a total rendering time 17 hours 32 minutes 37.31 seconds. Using Windows Live Movie maker I dropped the resolution to 1440 x 1080 and dramatically reduced the file size to 5.71MB. However due to restrictions on deviant art wmv are not allowed so i have converted it to flv via Adobe media encoder and the file size is now roughly 8MB. This in turn had to be converted to SWF via flash. Processor: Intel Core2 Duo T6400 @2.00Ghz Graphics Card: ATI Mobility Radeon HD 4330, 512MB DDR2 Ram: 4GB DDR2 OS: Win 7 ultimate x64 I seriously need a faster system to do this sorta work.
  2. yeah i know i stuffed up. BT pointed this out to me on the infamous adventures forum. It was meant to say labion.
  3. Up late and bored so here is attempt 1 of the kerona swamp at night hope you like. http://wilconologist.deviantart.com/art/Kerona-Swamp-Nights-214412977
  4. For those who asked it is now available without watermark. Thanks for the feedback.
  5. Trying to learn how to use Daz3d and was wondering if you wouldnt mind reviewing an image for me. It is my first attempt at recreating the ape men from sq2. I know i still have work to go but any feedback would be good. http://fav.me/d3j2ifn
  6. Pcj Thankyou for your post on the Janitorial Times. The filesworked perfectly. For those who are interested in taking a look at the files the .LWO was the entire ship while the .OBJ is just the thrusters. This isnt a fault with the obj as i tried it in multiple programs. However .lwo files are for lightwave and not Daz3D so if you wish to view the complete mallard in Daz3D you will first need to convert the file to a .OBJ. This can be done very easily with another called poseray. Once again we should all Thankyou very much to Pcj as this is a great donation to the sq fan community. Regards the wilconologist. :D
  7. Thanx pcj... I havent had a chance to test them yet but it certainly looks promicing. Sledgy thanks aswell it was good to see those vids
  8. Hey all, Im trying to track down some 3d models of any of the sq ships. Obviously the mallard would be preferable but anything will do. Im not after pics or videos rather *.obj files and other similar stuff that can be used in 3d modeling programs like DAZ and poser. So far I havent really had much luck. There were two videos on youtube that were interesting but as i said not what i was looking for and **These were posted in russian** I also found some 3d rendered pics on the sq omni page http://spacequest.wikia.com/wiki/Space_Quest_7_%28SQ7.org%29 but to get a good look at it i still need the *.obj files Some of the old subspace channel pages were a little help but the post here was back in 2003, So tracking stuff down might be a little hard. http://wiw.org/~jess/forum/viewtopic.php?p=63359&sid=7a9a11f4c36d3d71fece2c7f7d898235 http://wiw.org/~jess/forum/viewtopic.php?t=1632 If anyone knows how to contact pcj or Kainenable from the subspace channel colin from sq7.org or better yet has the .obj files im looking for PLEASE post them
  9. Vin, Just downloaded the demo and gave it a quick go and I have to say nice work. The graphics worked well and showed some promice. It ran smoothly on my laptop untill I started firing rapidly and then it skipped a few frames but apart from that keep up the good work. (Y)
  10. I aggree to each their own. So I will appologize if I offended you in any way. Still it is interesting to hear all these responces to such a bizzare thread.
  11. :shock: How are they cute? Their ugly. The name ugboot is derived by abreviating the word ugly. They serve their function exellent very well but shouldnt be considered a fashion item.
  12. Now that this subject is out in the open i feel that there should also be some disscussion regarding the wearing of slippers, bedsocks or uggboots in public. Forgive me if this seems like a rant. In my opinion the general rule would be no. I will be a bit more leanent than those trying to wear their pjs in public by granting a few exceptions but I am a firm believer that slippers, bedsocks or uggboots should be worn in private residence. Exception 1. Those who can legitimately claim mental illness such as dementia will be granted a pardon no questions asked. Exception 2. Those who live in areas where the temprature is regularly smegging cold. 20 Degrees Celcius does not qualify! 10 would be the maximum before consideration will be given. 0 or below is acceptable. Exception 3. Children under the age of 10. So what do yo all think?
  13. Sad to say that the whole public pajamas thing has breeched our quarantine restrictions and infected us in Australia. I would say that this disease is most common amongst in women below thirty. Unfortunatly it also seems to have spread to all those on very low income and parts of the the redneck community aswell. On any given day I can goto our local supermarket and see at least two poor souls that have this plague. Normally it will be of the full body flanel variety of this disease but on occasion I have been to horrified by the sight of someone who suffers from the more advanced form, morbidus superpondus somnusinduviae (morbidly overweight sleep clothes). Come on people a 200kg hairy buttcrack cannot be tamed by 20cm of cotton (or silk) boxers.
  14. Any chance of an update on this project. The last one was really cool, but a little while ago.
  15. If you do would you mind please sharing some of them. I would really appreciate it.
  16. For those wishing to clarify the where the "sierra" building is located the following is a quote that i recieved from Al Lowe via email Thought that may interest some of you.
  17. Update:: I have emailed al lowe regarding pics of the building and unfortunatley he cant provide me with anything. However I just discovered interesting. The sierra way address mentioned previously may not be the correct address. Try using google maps to 48677 Victoria Lane Oakhurst, CA 93644 It comes up with a medical centre but the buildings roof looks alot more accurate. As a result I have asked Al to confirm the address for us.
  18. I just finished sending Al an e-mail. When i get a responce i will let you know
  19. so does anyone have any image of the old sierra HQ. other than the ones in the SQ games.
  20. thanx collector, I already found that one. I was hoping for something a little clearer. (street view wont work there) Any detail on the building would be cool
  21. Just wondering if anyone knows the address of the old sierra HQ in oakhurst. I wanted to try and get a look on google maps Thanx
  22. I agree with Vroom about sq1 vga. Having played the original made a huge difference to how easy this game was. But for me it wasnt just knowing about the puzzles that made it easier. In my opinion the point and click interface changed the way all sierra games were. The fact that we no longer had to guess the correct word (or spelling) made the game much simpler.
  23. SQ6. this was one first games i ever purchased and it drove me crazy with the copywrite protection. This puzzle alone makes it the hardest sq.
  24. Hey all, Just thought I would share some more fan art that I did in my spare time. The first is an animated png image and therefore needs to be viewed in either firefox or opera. Also thankyou frans for permission to use images from your site. http://wilconologist.deviantart.com/art/Space-Quest-dot-Net-banner-190967564 I have also attempted to create a Firefox SQ persona. I have submitted it and am waiting their approval. this may takea couple of days. Hope you like
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