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  1. Actually it is possible to get the unstable ordnance without hacks/debug. I did that several years ago. What you need to do is:


    1) Play without DosBox. Set game's speed to maximum;

    2) After you get out of the sewers go one screen north;

    3) Return to the previous screen as fast as you can (sequel policemen won't be able to shoot you because the game is too fast);

    3) Now you can safely pick up the unstable ordnance;

    4) Go one screen north and one screen east. Save the game;

    5) Restore  your saved game in DosBox;

    6) Go one screen south and get into the ship.



  2. is there anyway to download this without having to deal with a russian site


    Alas, I doubt I have the old demos on my PC anymore, maybe someone else could help you with it :(


    I've decided to make a belated update:




    From the video's description:

    I've decided to compile this video showing some progress on the game I've made during the spring-early fall of 2012. There haven't been any progress on the game since then, and I don't expect any in the future. I'm still willing to finish it, but i'll have to find a background artist first. So yeah, it's kinda cancelled at the moment.

  3. To be honest, I've only watched one episode of The Next Generation. Now that you've mentioned the Star Trek, I think that I have to give it a go. Which season would you recommend me to start with?

  4. Hey, don't forget SQ4 box cover, where Vohaul's skin is green.

    Anyway, Sludge didn't mention his skin color while talking about disadvantages of being his own guinea pig actually. I suppose that he meant becoming mass of flesh and being connected to life-support system.

  5. Poo. FileFactory wouldn't let me download the demo. Would really love to see more information on this game.

    Yep, here you go


    And some more information about SQ12:

    1) The demo version doesn't actually represent gameplay or story of the actual game.

    2) You can find some new tracks here ;)

    3) I am not sure about the progress so far. Our team really needs a BG artist.

    4) Anyway, the game will be finished some day (Y)

  6. Yeah, I wasn't clear enough. I surely don't want Sledgy to stop posting at all, I just recommend him to think before posting next time and stay quite unless he has something interesting/important to say.


    And guys, please don't think that all Russians have bad sense of humor and hate Inc :P In fact nearly everyone likes Inc here in Russia, it's just Sledgy and evarube who both hate everything which wasn't made by them.

  7. Sledgy, there is nothing to do with bad translation. I saw these pictures in Russian and I don't think they are funny at all. Also, they are only slightly connected with SQ. In fact, I recommend you to stop posting here. It would be better for sq.net to be dead instead of turning into /b/, which happened to sq.forum24.ru long ago (not without your help).

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