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  1. How about something like this: http://i.imgur.com/p0hhR.jpg ? Anyone knows how much does advertisement cost in some popular USA newspaper? A national, not local one. I'd expect it's pretty expensive, but maybe the administrator of this site could organize a fundraising for it and we could also invite backers from Kickstarter to contribute. Maybe the Two Guys can also chip in for part of it if it's too expensive to raise everything by ourselves and they think it's worth it.
  2. Also, have you considered the kickingitforward campaign? Would get you some extra exposure.
  3. I think videos of them talking about their days at Sierra and how they did the games would be cool. I enjoyed immensly those with Al Lowe.
  4. I hope someone does a marathon like they did for Larry and for Jane Jensen's project. It should help raise some more awareness.
  5. I don't get it. There's isn't even a news bit about this Kickstarter going online. There's an older one from April about it, but nothing now? Who leads a site where Portal is an adventure game but this doesn't even get in the news?
  6. Ah, yeah, you're right. Sorry. I've seen that the field for digital soundtrack wasn't checked (and also it says in the Kickstarter tier that the soundtrack isn't included) and thought it wasn't. So then I assume the soundtrack that comes with the physical $100 is on the DVD, since the digital soundtrack isn't checked. Well, damn, I guess not offering digital versions along with the physical ones is a way to increase sales. But if I get the box, I'd like to keep it sealed. Hmpf.
  7. Actually it's not. It's included in the $100 digital tier. There's two $100 tiers. Anyway, another vote for digital copy of the game along with the physical one.
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