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  1. Do you think you'll open it again? Do you still have those items in stock?
  2. Hi, I noticed that the store link is not available anymore on your site, however the store is still accessible from: http://guysfromandromeda.com/store/ Just wondering if the items there are still available. I'm mainly interested in the collectible card and the pin. Thank you.
  3. In my opinion, no. Swiping things, and particularly the puzzles that result from it (magazine, toilet paper etc) are mobile/tablet stuff. They've got nothing to do with a classic adventure game and they add nothing. You can't really make them good. At most they should be relegated to 1 or 2 in the whole game. At most. Not at every step like it is now, esentially replacing classic puzzles or just wasting the player's time.
  4. Absolutely true. I'd remove all these pointless moving around things puzzles and replace them with real puzzles. The demo has already 3 and I haven't finished it yet. Looks like the intention is to make these a big part of the game. Maybe instead of moving the magazine, for example, there could be a real puzzle for how to get that socket. Like using something on the drill. You know, like an adventure game.
  5. Still trying to figure that one out too. One thing to mention is that these pop-ups (close-ups) shouldn't close automatically. It's annoying to have to open it everytime you click with something wrong on it. Just have an X on it to close and maybe make autoclose if Ace gets a certain distance away from it.
  6. Can't say I particularly like the swiping thing. Feels more like a minigame gimmick thing than adventure puzzles. And moving crates puzzles?
  7. Not sure if it qualifies, but I'd be honored if you included my demo-game. Latest version (0.4) is here: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?uok145mk3w5tlt3
  8. A couple of more small changes: http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gf1gxt83j2ay6wj
  9. Thanks! I fixed the typo... and what the hell? It seems the second versions started in the wrong place, missing the "intro". <_< Updated version: http://www.mediafire...7bulr1uustdi2tc
  10. Thank for the Linux pack s_d! I uploaded a new version with a couple of fixed typos and removed all (I think) keyboard shortcuts that would display parts of the interface that I haven't used (and so I haven't changed either) from the default game. http://www.mediafire...y1o43j1d00hgwcg And yes, English is not my native language. I would have added more text, though, but it's already so close to the end of the Kickstarter that I thought I'd just leave it like this.
  11. Cool! Well, I think the humor is more in trying stuff that doesn't work... like the cartridge on the keyboard or trying the numbers on the note as the password and stuff like that. Of course, I'm not sure how funny would other people find that. Well, if anyone wants to spread it around, be my guest!
  12. OK, so my "game" is done. Can be downloaded here: http://www.mediafire...d6r5yk2dlzrncqf It's really a very basic thing and I'm not very comfortable writing in English, but hey... I had fun with it and figuring out AGS the past couple of days. :)
  13. Great, thanks! I'll post it here when it's done and if you people agree with it then we can spread it. :)
  14. Right, so I've been working on a one-room demo game thing on my own, but I'm using the Roger sprites "mjomble" posted on page 2 of this thread. Is that OK with everyone? And who should I credit for those? The Vohaul Strikes Back people in general or a specific person? There's no name for the character so far and even if there will be it won't be Roger, to avoid any problems that might cause.
  15. My bet is that if it's anyone who's being an asshole is someone at wisecrack. From the very start their campaign was fishy. Al worked on this project, but not anymore. This is not what if first said on their Kickstarter page, though, which started with "Al Lowe presents...". That's removed now. Then there was that obvious jab at Replay games with "We own all the rights". They removed that too now. And that photoshopped picture of Al doesn't do well for their reputation either. Paul Trowe might be too jumpy, but if he had the intention to sabotage SpaceVenture why would he post an update on the Larry Kickstarter page encouraging their backers to support this? There was a huge jump in backers that day, don't forget that when you're thinking about asking for your money back from them, based on random internet detective work. OK, now I guess some internet detective will deduce that I'm an alt of Paul Trowe too, because I defend him. Anyway, not saying it couldn't be him. It's just weird. But, if it's about accusing anyone of cheating and misleading, I'd put my money on Wisecrack. They already showed they're capable of that. While the only proved thing about Paul Trowe so far is that he's very belligerent and doesn't think too much before speaking.
  16. If you're talking about their videos, well it seems like that, but I think it's just a case of being shy in front of the camera. Hell, I know I would look the same... I have a terrible hate for cameras. Not many of the people behind the Kickstarter projects looked good in front of the camera. They're simply people who are not used to this and they have to do with what they have. It's not fair to blame a game designer for not being charismatic on camera, seriously. Not even Tim Schafer did much of a great job. He seemed very forced when trying to sound enthusiastic. He might well have been enthusiastic, but if felt like he was forcing it. But, he's not an actor. So he shouldn't be judged on his charisma. I understand that people put a lot of importance on visuals and appearance, though, and that's why I keep saying they should have more videos. They can avoid awkward moments by being short and to the point.
  17. OK, so I worked on something too. s_d's idea was cool, I think, but maybe we could go for something more related to Space Quest/SpaceVenture. So, here's what I did: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/sfg/test.png And for a more "old-school" look: http://img.photobucket.com/albums/v635/sfg/test2.png The main idea could remain to fix the computer I guess and then have stuff displayed on the big screen. Something like "support independent developers" and the link to the Kickstarter page. So, what do you people think? There's really not much time left. If someone wants to go on with this I can add or change stuff as needed. The picture is made of layers for everything so changing it is easy. I have some ideas for puzzles and text that I'll try to put together, but maybe someone with better English can give it a try? Also, for the character... can someone rip Roger Wilco from SQ5? It seems like it could work if we use the pixelated version of the background. I don't think we have time to create a new character.
  18. If this fails hopefully they'll try again at a later time (couple of months or so) with a revised campaign!
  19. Are we sure this will have the intended effect if AGI graphics are used? They might be fun for us, but will they really attract anyone new who hasn't played an AGI game in their life? I kinda doubt it. At the very best this could get some press, like "these guys here made a little game to show their support for this project". Plus, as we've all seen, things can get misinterpreted very easily and people might start believing SpaceVenture will have that kind of graphics too. Anyway, just a thought. And I might be able to help with bitmap graphics for the background, but don't count on me. And for the character... can't Roger Wilco be ripped from one of the games? Maybe edited afterwards if we don't want it to be exactly the same.
  20. I'm not even sure he pretended. He was just a guy with a similar (same?) name and people just assumed it was you. That being said... how do we know you're the real one? :P
  21. I don't understand this. It wasn't directed at them. People just always want to make everything about them. It's like seeing someone on TV saying "bullies should repent for what they did" and then take offense because, hey, you're not a bully, why does it say that on the TV channel YOU are watching? They should like say it on Bully channel.
  22. Don't really have any experience, but I understand Adventure Game Studio is easier? Also, the graphics could probably be pulled from the Space Quest games. Anyway, what are your ideas about the design and writing? Maybe they inspire someone who knows how to put them in a game.
  23. They definitely should go for more videos. It's sad, but you can't trust most of the people to have the attention span to listen to something without seeing it. And regardless, videos are much much more effectives. Everything should be videos, I think. For everything, even when adding or changing new tiers there should be small videos to go with them. Just simple stuff, with the Two Guys or Chris Pope talking about what's going on. Really, not enough "face time".
  24. Well, yeah, the second prototype showed (if there was still any doubt) that this will be pretty much Space Quest, except it won't be called that. And that is awesome!
  25. Well, how can you be sure it's really that guy? Just a similar name. It would be embarrassing, though, now for them to go "yes, yes, we use HTML 5, please give us your $4000!".
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