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  1. Zorch

    Ken "your music pal" Allen says "HI"

    Hey Ken! Thanks for making some of my favorite game music without me even knowing it I collect game soundtracks and your name snuck by me - particularly your work on the original Descent. I was stunned when I found that one out
  2. Its kind of unfair to even compare Lucasarts and Sierra style games - they are just very very different experinces. But in a good way, IMO. While its nice to not get hit over the head for a wrong decision, sometimes having that happen is half the fun - hence, explosive decompression sucks - but its still funny
  3. Holy crap. Well played Sir!
  4. Zorch

    SpaceVenture Prototype #1

    I just gave it a shot with Firefox and had no problems. Excellent work PCJ! This is really exciting stuff!