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  1. I do see your point/s, penguinfan. Hope you can see mine. :) Right, back to the campaign... <pant pant>
  2. Heh. Thanks Frede. And I wasn't trying to come across as harsh or anything. I never imagined KS campaigns to be this full-on! We're naturally trying to produce a title which appeals to as many as possible, which of course means that few will be happy with everything. My hat is off to the Two Guys (there's my obligatory SQ reference for this thread!) and all the other project heads and teams for putting themselves through this process. Rewarding, yes. Exciting, definitely. But, in the mono-syllabic utterance of Keanu - "Woah." I hope there's enough of me left to send to Europe in April. :)
  3. I'm sorry, penguinfan, but the analogy to Larry doesn't wash. It's like saying women walking around on a beach in their bikinis are akin to working in a red light district. The character in question is an important part of the story, and in fact much of her "power" is gained from the way she presents herself. As for suitability for children (which I always envisaged as being 12 and up), it's by far more acceptable than some of what can be found on TV these days. There's no profanity. No sex (nor hint of it). The (combat) violence is bloodless. Come to think of it, Princess Leia wore not a
  4. Great thread! Looking forward to seeing everyone in the Mage's Initiation KS forum. ;)
  5. Mansemat... Not to sound like a politician, which I'm not, but I don't accept the premise of your question. ;) I have a feeling that, when we hit the last few days, even hours, there's going to be a mad rush... and the modest but decent number of backers we have will suddenly start finding loose, pledgeable change down the backs of their sofas. I predict it will be a tense but exciting time as we approach the finish line. It ain't over yet!
  6. Ahhhh. "Coming Home". Good times, great collaboration. :)
  7. Oh, the Avengers has holes that would put Swiss cheese to shame, an antagonist that was written thinner than tracing paper (a shame, considering the strength of his last outing) and Jedi Jackson swapping his robe for an eyepatch and calling it a different character... but I didn't care!!! Great humour, great action, great balance between the main protagonists... a pleasing flick that somehow manged to be thoroughly entertaining for almost two and a half hours. In short... a lot of fun. Now, Joss Wheadon, use your heightened powers for even greater good... demand they let you bring back Fir
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