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  1. I don't know what anyone else thinks, but The iPad UI for the Broken Swords and the Monkey Island remakes (non Telltale) are my "gold standard." You can't tell when you're using a good UI. A bad one takes you out of the game. LSLR took me out of the game a lot. :(
  2. I fully agree. So far it looks good, but some of those elements make it feel like a platformer (Mario pushing boxes for the sake of pushing them) versus it being necessary as part of well developed (adventure) story.
  3. I have premiere. Seems to take everything. I can convert them all and dump them into a single video if that would help.
  4. I haven't been around the forums too often. But I'm @doncoglianese on twitter.
  5. Rob Paulsen in Gizmodo. How do we capitalize on this? http://gizmodo.com/5913515/your-favorite-cartoon-characters-reading-the-star-wars-screenplay-will-blow-your-mind
  6. I sat at $15 for a bit simply because it wasn't the official SQ brand. Then I got excited by the prototype and realized this is probably MORE SQ than Activision could ever do now. Upped to $100. Now at $150. So there's hope for some $15 pledgers who may still be on the fence like I was.
  7. I definately agree. I do like it in this case because the product fits the game. It's not as huge as I make it sound. Replace "inventory" with ScotteVest. Maybe put a SeV rack in a mall store if there's a mall. Nothing overly blatant. It's a long long short anyways. :)
  8. Another thing, the SeV triangle logo looks the same as the the on on Roger Wilco's uniforms. :)
  9. I sent this to the CEO of SCOTTEVEST today. A "Hail Mary" if you will... https://docs.google.com/document/d/1718BYPVzypibBoTtrVYiibVwJM6V_pUK4r-i_p4dznA/edit
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