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Fan Table (SQ Fans Base)


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Base of all SQ fans: nicks, countries, achieves in the SQ fancreation, etc.


There's a last version of it for now (9 aug, 2010). Maybe you want to correct some, so do it and post new version here (with explanations of new notes).



FanTable (English version) (XLS for MS Excel)



Firstly fantable was in Russian language for Russian-speaker fans. So probably this blue mark of Russian fans in the table is an irrelevant thing, and you can create any-colour mark for American fans or just remove this mark.


Also there're two pages of XLS table: Table and Explanations (for reductions in the table).



Sources of this base are forum membres from SQ.Net, SQ-Time and some fanstuff creators.

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I think yet we must have some SQ fan Hall of fame! Seems, xlc version is crappy form of it.


Maybe smb'll create a new interesting one, probably w/shots'n'fotos. Smth like fanstuff-'map' or maybe pics-mix on html. All in one place. Smth with links.

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