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Interview with Frans // aka the Main Guy of SQ.Net

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Firstly I wanted to do Russian version (and read all answers)), but I somewhy haven't this 'stupid enthusiasm' for it, so I think I can just post the original here. I.e. anyway I wanted to post it, but... whatever.


I don't think that Frans could say something wrong that I need to fix, so you can see it.




PDF (95 kb)



Also see About page, there's additional interesting info.

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Wilconologist, thanks for thanks :D


I also wanted to get iview from Virtual Broomcloset guy, but seems he's lost somewhere. As I see, VB's site was one of the first SQ fan-sites (maybe the first).

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I've recently read iview. It has a bit slowstart ('cause of repeating info of bio from 'About site' [or many bio details?]), but then there's an interesting new stuff and... sad end in the end.


I very laughted at SQ1.75 :-D And I was surprised you don't very like sq fan games & rest fan crap.


Really I think fan creation is a final frontier of SQ community. Last hope. And it must not to be canon only, it's all just for fun and nostalgy. Anyway you were a part of this sq fanon: fan addings to site databases and fanfic-oid intro to SQ games pages.


I very wanna Colin's SQ7, too. I still don't understand WTF it's on-f#cking-hold.


I was making my own SQ7 with friend in 2001-2002. And when I learned about sq7.org, I was so happy. I thought why create sorta crappy sequel, when such great SQ7 is on progress... I sent stupid childish letters to Colin, where I, non-speaking-English dumbass schoolboy, offer me as voice actor) I, about 15 y.o. back then...



Whatever, SQ.Net is the greatest one. Was, is and will be, motherf#kka.


Maybe smb else iview you, Frans, seems that is rather small.



P.S. Btw u know in Ru 'net' means 'no'. Let us spacequest.yes! :-D



Roger lives! No pasarien! Quirk it, baby!



Thanks Frans for iview. As Arnie said 'I need your mop' (or smth like it)) 'I'm robot from future, die please'


- you didn't pay for whistle

- but it was free!

- no

- yes!

- no, die

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