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Space Quest IV: Soundtrack 10th/20th anniversary announced on SMC


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I anxiously await the final release of this. Great timing, too; my original SQ4 soundtrack MP3s have been listened to so many times, they're all scratched up and falling apart. ;)


I shall *not*, however, be listening to this 'preliminary version' stuff. I refuse to taint the musical magnificence of this soundtrack by befouling it with memories of a previous version that isn't 100% perfect.


You hear that, Spikey? Nothing less than absolute perfection is acceptable. Hop to it. B)

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Wanna hear something odd? I always thought the Radio Shock/Hz So Good theme was in an odd time signature. This is the first time I've heard it in straight 4/4. When I play the CD version of SQ4 with OPL-3 music (AdLib/SoundBlaster), that theme loops funny and turns into 14/8. Which I gotta admit, I actually thought was rather clever -- like the robot was slightly broken, perhaps -- until I now realize it was an accident. :)

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