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Space Quest IV on the Computer Chronicles


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Here's an episode of the Computer Chronicles from 1992 that features a mini-review of Space Quest IV. The whole show is rather interesting, but too bad SQIV got so little air-time, and that audio is only on the left!


And did you know? In Windows 3.1, if a program crashes, it can be removed separately and not take down the whole system like in 3.0. Thanks, Paul Schindler, for giving me a funny Win 3.1 BSOD to view.



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"Yeah Yeah so you can move around and explore - usual adventure game stuff". He might as well have just shouted "NEXT!!!"


I am not aware of Stewart Chefeit over here in the UK, but he feigns the sort of interest my Dad used to display when I started passionately describing the intricate storyline of my favourite games back when I was a kid. I was doing everything to try and sell this as ART to him but his mind was locked onto "Er yeah its a game". That being said Stewart Chefeit was probably an awesome journalist when the subject matter actually intrigued him.

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