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Ethical Hacker Adventure game


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Rather unique topic, though it must be a really short game to be that cheap



What do you guys think, intriguing or not?


Hm I see now that the theme is ethical hacking OR linux, not both in same game. I guess it might be fun for somebody just starting out in Linux though, like my friend's 11-year-old kid...

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I think that many of the puzzles are text-based multiple choice once the player character "logs in" to a terminal. So, it's got a quiz-show feel to it, wrapped in cyber clothing. I think that formula can probably work for keeping the budget down, though I admit to being a bit miffed that the game itself was launched before it was known whether or not Unity3D would have broad Linux support, meaning that at the time of launch, a "learn Linux" game's only chance of playability on Linux was dependent on corporate promises for third-party close-source tech. This seems a touch ironic. :)


That being said, I gave them a little money. It will be interesting to watch and see what they do with it!

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I also pledged a modest sum and look forward to seeing what they do with it. It looked like the amount they were asking was for the ability to finish it, not the ability to start it from scratch. They also said that the first module (minus the linux module and training materials) will be released for free so that one will probably be relatively short.

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