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  1. While I love this idea, it also makes me incredibly sad. I kinda don't want to ever see a SQ3 remake... part of me wants it to remain unchanged as the pinnacle of EGA adventure game graphics. It's the best looking one by a good margin, and there's really nothing else like it. Well, in my personal opinion anyway.
  2. Hey, I have an X chromosome... only one though. That doesn't count right?
  3. I like the new pitch video, but I really miss the intro section in the beginning of the old video, where they do crew bios & box shots to dramatic music swells. It was effective in capturing my attention: http://youtu.be/ayW0DjcKo-o By the way, for those wanting to wait and back a winner, we just had a $20K+ day today, with no sign of stopping. It looks like it's achievable, and without means even quite as heroic as SpaceVenture (we're just a touch behind where SpaceVenture was, but shooting for a $400K goal instead of a $500K goal).
  4. Dudes, we all played the same 100K demo games... Ace has to go on a service call to see the Guys. Maybe not on Isla Dome, but definitely somewhere. In fact, if they continue to be such an ass to him, the Guys may (ironically!) end up having Ace dish out as good as he receives ;) How hilarious would it be for Scott & Mark to write in their own "roasting"!
  5. There were large sections of "get to know" in some of the commentaries (including the Chris @ Oakhurst photos), but this is a great idea. I like Chris and feel that he's brought a lot. In particular, one would have to be completely blind to not have noticed the storm of press & attention he arranged after the Great Blackout (and 218K debacle), which essentially saved my favorite Kickstarter project of all time. Not everyone was as involved in the day-to-day of the campaign, as a backer, but I, and a few dozen others, were deeply involved. In fact, it is, in large part, those individual
  6. It is possible for me to be present, but not guaranteed. However, the creator should be livestreaming it to YouTube, so unless you're locked in the vault, penguinfan, perhaps you may be able to permit it to drone into your ears via headphones. That will be my strategy if I can't leave work by 4PM PST.
  7. The GOG.com redeem/reward code we were issued for the Tex Murphy Kickstarter was giftable. If the SQ games are to be delivered similarly, then it should work out OK. The thing to keep in mind (at least in the experience of other Tex Murphy backers) is that you'll probably have to gift all or nothing, neither individual games, nor one "pack" separate from the others (1+2+3, or 4+5+6).
  8. I think she did much more than artwork, and also, I'm pretty sure I saw some commission rates posted on her Deviantart page or website once upon a time... I suspect she'd assist your evil plot as a hired mercenary! ;)
  9. Of course, if we all had time machines, we'd all have already played all the fan games. Or something...
  10. Why mess with a good thing? As long as it's fun, and they're motivated, we get to play these hilarious games. DON'T JINX IT, FREDE! :lol:
  11. Way awesome, Akril! I'm so impressed with you two (and no, you don't have to go being modest and crediting Jess, as usual! I already gave him kudos via PM, so there :P ). Funny story; I really don't play games in front of my toddler for a number of reasons (being not even 3yrs old, we've pretty much completely eschewed violent imagery in front of her, for the time being), but I felt I was under a time crunch for Linux, and wanted to play through PQII thoroughly for testing. So, she crawls out of the beanbag chair and hops up on the couch next to me, staring intently at the game..
  12. Dunno, while Serena is mighty, being counted as two does have unfortunate connotations (conjoined twinning and morbid obesity being two of the more offensive possibilities), so I'd stick to a count of one. Juanita D. backed, as well! She goes all the way back to Pinkerton Road and SV, in addition to Papier. As far as fantasy, she's nearly backed more RPGs than I've played! Surely we call her the sixth? Lurker backed also...
  13. I have no idea why (at least) the rewards site isn't seeing more attention... after all, people paid for that access! I've been lurking mostly, and backing adventure games on Kickstarter, and making slow progress on my own projects. I do see 10-20 regular forum denizens here. I'm positive that if our Two Guys hung out here much, that the forums would buzz a lot harder! But then that's less attention on SV, so I suppose we are where we are now. :)
  14. I think that many of the puzzles are text-based multiple choice once the player character "logs in" to a terminal. So, it's got a quiz-show feel to it, wrapped in cyber clothing. I think that formula can probably work for keeping the budget down, though I admit to being a bit miffed that the game itself was launched before it was known whether or not Unity3D would have broad Linux support, meaning that at the time of launch, a "learn Linux" game's only chance of playability on Linux was dependent on corporate promises for third-party close-source tech. This seems a touch ironic. :) That
  15. Nice ragey rant, Troels! The stretch goal is clearly a cruel and cheeky joke on BASS fans to whip them up all frothily, before they then turn around and tell us they're going to do it anyway (now that they have our attention). I wouldn't take it too seriously, and Tony (et. al.) on the BS5 comment thread have stated that it was primarily to gauge interest, and bring in MOAR MONIEZ for BS5 (which is not a Templar story, BTW, not that any BASS fan cares too much about that). I completely agree that it's a despicable tactic to have used, but if the real goal was to get the fans attention (f
  16. Well, darn Martin, now I want that bottle of Dalwhinnie...
  17. Space Pope hits the road for Comic-Con!! A little extra publicity never hurt anyone's Stretch Goals... if there were ever a time to make some extra sweet insider content, it would be a sweet damn backer video from Comic-Con. For me. Because I can't go. :)
  18. Hmmm... a challenge... I accept. I'll try to have it ready by Tuesday. Crap. Today is Tuesday. Let's see what I can whip up during lunch :)
  19. Can we get a spoiler tag on this forum title? I'm waiting on my GOG reward pack to play 5 & 6 :-(
  20. I'm loving the "SpaceVenture III" shout-outs ;)
  21. We can beta test music? How does that work? I know... just asking that means I was not aimed at... but I'm still curious!
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