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  1. So... you're saying you've a nice unfinished IF adventure to share with us? ;)
  2. What!?! How did I not know about this? As a Linux gamer, there were so few professionally produced games, that it you'd be hard pressed to find one of us from the NWN era without a copy. I played every expansion, and lived for part of a year on one of the persistent worlds (chose the WRONG crafting skill and was miserable, but met good people and had lots of fun anyway). For those like me, NWN holds a special place in our hearts, especially since NWN2 was never ported over ( The deeper I go into the Space Quest community, and the network of people that encompass it, the less concerned I
  3. I'm in this one for a cameo... I'm a sucker for in-game inclusion. I thoroughly enjoyed QfG and KQ up to 6 (the last one I had the privilege of playing). Jeremy and Jenny are brilliant artists, in my opinion. I ought to actually play the demo, right?
  4. Wow, what a hornet's nest stirred with that question... thank you so much, Frede, and all of the other superfans, for giving me that insight into the Space Quest fan community. It was quite difficult, from his original statement, to discern whether or not he was saying "such ripoffs are garbage" or "well, really all of us have played them, I just won't promote them here". It's also clear that this question underlies a tangled mess amongst the adventure game community, at large. Now that I've seen Akril's "Adventure" series, I'm convinced that her (obviously affectionate) homage to advent
  5. I second MusicallyInspired; since Cluck will already be a playable, I think it would be great to bring the female Andromedan playable down slightly, and then enrich Cluck's content beyond that. Whoops, did I write female Andromedan? I meant "as-yet-undetermined-female-playable-character, designed by the Two Guys and nobody else". Also, I second pcj, so please disregard my remark above. It comes off as a bit presumptuous, IMHO.
  6. No worries FroggyMe6581! Don't touch \ \ | V
  7. nockgeneer; I've sent you a PM... please take a peek :) For those confused about what just happened, something I posted out of context included nice things as well, and he paid me a high complement, above. However, it included some not-so-nice things that I wrote that could have been interpreted to disparage another fan community. In fact, it would have been hard not to interpret it that way. My comment was borne of frustration, sleep deprivation, and almost certainly some level of intoxication... at least I'm in good company in that regard (... Frede ;) !). At any rate, and to def
  8. It was awesome. For posterity, and those that missed it, here is the AMA.
  9. Saw a tweet from Mark a couple of days ago where he claimed to be feverishly working on animations for proto #5 :) We also know from the wrap party (and Kickstarter comment thread) that the Mark, Scott & Chris intend this final proto to be something special. Though, in my opinion, having anything from these two is special, much less four minigames.
  10. what is comic sans frede
  11. Intriguing. Without going into detail (such as would lead to further IP violation), how much enjoyment will you admit to gaining from these illicit pleasures, Frede?
  12. Yeah, while it isn't directly SQ related, it is so relevant that I agree, it should be included. Actually, Mrs. S.D. found the KS profile of the dude that posted it so we can ask permission and credit him properly as well.
  13. I know, no disrespect intended. Tawmis, I'd totally like to see a "victory" video, now that it's pretty certain that one or two more won't happen before the KS ends ../../../public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png You could always promote the stretch goals & such, but a shout-out to this site might help people to remember to make an account here. I really hope some of the more passionate fans come here, it would be a shame for us all to lose touch, and this site really has everything we need to stay in contact. And it's funny, and would make me happy, personally, not than
  14. Seems like the EGA graphics mode would sort of imply some kind of interface modification. Could be AGI-like, could be SCI-like; personally, I'd be happy with either of those. Also... yeah, I want all of the stretch goals!
  15. Well, 338 views, last I looked... I can't speak for others, but I'm pretty excited to put a specific melody to the lyrics, and to hear Nelson's guitar work! Perhaps cover versions are in it's future, as well.
  16. Main topic is updated with some fan-made work. The list is probably incomplete, but it is a start!
  17. Today, I learned that America's Top Model is watched by fans in Estonia... :huh:
  18. Other projects have offered tier upgrades for existing backers. It depends on how fiddly Chris and the Two Guys want it to be for them, dealing with the reward tiers. I suspect that they'll work with backers to the extent they are able; but the final word is up to them, of course.
  19. Fantastic, folks! I still need to post that list of collected works up; unfortunately it's late where I am now, and she's already asleep. So, I'll post it tomorrow. By the way, I have no videography or editing skills worthy of public consumption. So, we'll still need a resource for that.
  20. Don't worry about it; it's halfway there already, with almost a month to go. At the rate it's going, it very well may reach it's goal before you drop a dime on it (not a bad thing though).
  21. Folks, when I arrive home, I'll start posting up URLs below my top post (in a list, like the Press Mentions thread) from Mrs. S.D.'s list. Filip, I think that fan games absolutely do count, and yours is timely and the humor relevant to the Kickstarter, that it would be shame not to include it somehow. In terms of collage, they would fit into a video better than anywhere else. We can ask Akril how she feels about PledgeQuest's inclusion in a fan project. Irishmile, your deviantart page makes it convenient to find all of your work, so I won't link anything out specifically, especial
  22. I was just going to mention that this community already has an extremely competent musician in MusicallyInspired, but you announced yourself before I could embarrass you with gratuitous praise prior to your arrival. Ah well, I suppose it will have to go here, after your post :P
  23. Folks; my wife & I have been thinking about this for about three weeks now, but backer Maya commented, in the aftermath of funding, that we ought to put together a celebratory fan art collage. I agree, at least to celebrate the difficult journey that project had in getting funded, if for no other reason (like a tribute or something). I have no idea how or in what way it will come together, but I made this topic to spark discussion. This will be fun, I think! So... SpaceVenture Kickstarter community... what do you think? Should we do something like this? What form sho
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