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  1. Not that I particularly care, but you can locate an Al Lowe interview in which he states his level of involvement (i.e., it was his concept, and permits his name to be attached to the project as a "creator" type figure, but not an active team member). Personally, I'd rather support Steve Ince on other projects.
  2. Adorable LucasArts-styled Reincarnation: The Root of All Evil has a couple of days left to raise the remaining $2.5K. Should be a cakewalk (but is crawling slowly). It's a P-n-C adventure game based on a Flash game series of some note, up at Kongregate by B Group Productions. Drive the cartoonish, vector-animated, adventures of a cute purple demon named Vile, as he sends escaped nasties back to the underworld by killing the awful human bodies they've been reincarnated into. I hope the KW funding can bring voice acting to match the lead; it adds a great deal to the gameplay.
  3. I think I struck a reasonable balance between "chiding" and "helpful" ../../../public/style_emoticons/default/wink.png
  4. Dude, there's a thread here just for promoting other crowd-sourced game projects. Let's do it that way, shall we?
  5. Oh? I thought you were going to begin concept write-ups to provide inspiration to the artists, yes? Unless you mean to begin filling out the library with existing characters, locations, objects, background sprites, etc., before original in-universe locations, characters, objects...
  6. Copied over from the Fan Art project thread (by request): Ode To 218K The Spaceventure got underway And stalled around 218K But you increased pledging power While I was in the shower And funded this bastard TODAY! By Ohverture, 2012-06-11
  7. I have the same "wonder". People often forget the burden of porting a the cost of doing of business back then; The Sarien Encounter, for example, was on PC, Amiga, Atari ST, Macintosh, Apple II, and Apple IIGS... it's hard to imagine platforms more different. At least five different OS's, across three CPU's (four, really, if you considered using any 65C816 features outside of 65C02 emulation mode), different audio & video hardware, etc. Quite often, this cost is referenced as a drag on the innovation of games (i.e., spend money & energies on XBox console games only, get better
  8. Since SpaceVenture benefited greatly from cross-promotion between Kickstarter projects, and the SQN forum admins have been quite welcoming to fellow adventure game KS projects posting here (Larry, Moebius, Tex Murpy, Quest for Infamy, etc), I think it would be great to at least attempt to keep them together for discussion. Right now, each project has it's own thread, which is probably fine after it funds, but as long as there is a steady flow of Kickstarter adventure games, we may come to a point where the Rocket Bar is littered with these threads rather than the comatose remains of serio
  9. Update; I've an NLE that I'm learning to use. Obviously I've not accomplished a scene this weekend (I had a houseguest to entertain... real life is such a problem that way). Also, I've learned that I'm a rank amateur at video production and motion graphics. I am working at it, though! Skilled project needs skills...
  10. Jess, pcj; I repacked up version 1.1 (sorry for slacking). If you'd like, please mirror it from http://www.40hex.com/projects/pledgequest1.1_linux_x86.zip and update the mirrored link on the article (as before, please do not post this URL beyond this thread as my site's bandwidth is on a prepaid plan). Also, in regards to Filip's game (which was at http://www.mediafire.com/download.php?gf1gxt83j2ay6wj for his latest Windows version), I've repacked it for Linux with the final version at http://www.40hex.com/projects/themysteriouscartridge1.3_linux_x86.zip and here is my Mac OS X pack
  11. Back (sort of) on topic from the above foray into begging for a World O' Fan Wonders thread for the Troels Pleimert Memorial SQ Fan Content Library... shall we also have a thread (or list) of fan games that are in-development?
  12. Chris, I'd settle for a podcast or video, or another commissioned comic, honestly (I really loved those, actually). I'd actually be really happy to see another commissioned comic if you can swing it, and if it doesn't hurt the budget... At least to tide me over until LCA5 :)
  13. Hmm... got me all hot and bothered now! But nothing to contribute. I better go replay all the games (and 5 & 6 for the FIRST TIME!!) ... and then the fan games, etc.
  14. No idea how I missed out, I frequented nwnvault for sure. I think that, at the time, machinima in general wasn't on my radar (I blame Halo, and by association, Rooster Teeth for that... was *not* a fan of Red vs. Blue). However... great job on these! I see a difference & improvement even between ep 1 and 2. I'm up to ep 6 now...
  15. Wow, Spybreaka, I'm gobsmacked... that looks brilliant! I wish I weren't so extended between work, family, and a few fan efforts I'm involved in here, and on Kickstarter, I'd volunteer to do whatever I can. I write code, and could write dialogue... but, busy as I am, I feel you'd be disappointed with my commitment. That said, I see that you're using Unity3D. Recently, they announced a Linux export feature in version 4.0. I'd love to test it there if you choose to bring your game to my OS. :)
  16. Yeah, he's really quite good at it, actually! He hasn't done a ton of them, but the ones I've watched are very good.
  17. Yeah, I read it as "Fer-dee", and interpreted it as an intentional term of endearment rather than a typo. Now you're talking! So, each story/plot/item element could be a self-contained concept bit; a funny weird alien could have a name, a bit of backstory, associated inventory items, some written involvement in a puzzle concept, and some art assets to go with them. The writer dude (perhaps Troels in this particular case) could do a short paragraph or so on some particular alien (e.g., the one intelligent, studious Orat, ironically hiding & terrified of being eaten, etc) an
  18. Ok, I'll counter with this; what about a fan-made library of original characters, dialogue, game concepts, scripts, location descriptions, and puzzle designs that artists and programmers can take and run with, like building blocks for plot? I can easily see an artist go to town on Captain ASCII's brief plot description above, and credit him with the inspiration for the artwork, for example. Personally, I'd consider an original character idea (for example) a creditable game asset, just like any sprite. Plus, that way, original characters could be shared amongst fan works (which you guys may
  19. Well, Troels, I suppose that we could work on the IF the way they actually made our favorite IF games; as a team. I'm not particularly an expert in SQ canon & history (I'm no Fact Checker or Historian, to be certain!) but I do write code for a living and have played plenty of IF. I'd love working with someone on an Inform implementation of their own IF game story. I'm sure I could learn the game language like any other programming language.
  20. Wait, pointless? Not at all, we're still trying to hit stretch goals! Going to the kickstarter does eventually get you to the Paypal. That could be added directly, as well, qprider.
  21. Well, of course there is! It's different because it's your game, so in that case you are the narrator. Who wouldn't write in Roger arguing with you in your own game? I think that "appeal to temptation" is a completely valid defence here.
  22. Yeah, actually, nextheory, in regards to video production and building the video collage with transitions & such, you were my first thought. I didn't want to lean too hard on you though, because you already worked hard to put together an awesome promo, and it's pretty obvious that the person putting the pieces together will be doing the most work. It's kind of tough for me to justify thinking up an ambitious idea and asking someone else to go do it. So, folks; I have some ideas for a rough "storyboarding" of the promo, and stylistically what I'm envisioning. I'm thinking of a 6-8
  23. Yep, they've been fixed for about a week now. Yeah, the Twinkie Nose Tuesdays would be a fantastic addition! You definitely deserve some payoff for all that twinkie consumption... I'll have to steal Chris's avatar as well.
  24. Space Pope, we are trying to put together a video collage of fan art, fan video content, fan poetry, both of the promotional fan games, and another special thing I've been bouncing around, over at this thread: http://www.spacequest.net/index.php/topic/467-tgfa-kickstarter-fan-art-project/ It would just be so awesome if we could set the collage part of it to music from Ohverture's ballad :) My video production skills are extra weak though...
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