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  1. OK, folks, I got AGS compiling & linking on the latest Ubuntu release. The cause of my linking problem is apparently a place where AGS wants to override the way Allegro opens packfiles ( pack_fopen() ). I've found a workaround, but I'm fairly certain that it will not work (but it does get me past the linker error). I've questions now; anyone have insight into why AGS needs to do it differently, and other than bero (whom I've just asked about this), are there any other AGS engine hackers here? Thanks! Edit: Bero gave me some advice; he knew all about this problem and had
  2. Here's another, possibly more suited for a pirate game, though: http://www.jamendo.com/en/track/25262/sgo-main-title
  3. Akril; not low-fi at all, but my #1 choice so far for an epic orchestral, CC-BY-NC-SA (as best I can tell), main theme is http://www.jamendo.c...77316/space-ace ... though, it is kind of over-the-top. It could be shortened to remove some of the movements. For retro space-like chiptunes, I've got a medium-sized list. Unfortunately, as mentioned, there is an extremely strong bent toward electronic J-Pop (reminiscent of 80's Japanese console games). Some are "space-ish". All of these are from http://freemusicarchive.org but I have found other sites (with even less appropriate tracks).
  4. Nextheory, Akril... you might be able to communicate faster on the IRC channel since it's pretty obvious that you're a pair of super busy people.
  5. Sounds good. I found some CC chiptunes that have the right retro feel, but are definitely too primitive to be considered nice Roland quality MIDI music. The big problem with them is they tend to have an arcade feel which doesn't completely fit. There are some standouts that I'll post up here; possible candidates for the credits. Also, nextheory was logged in and watching this thread when I last posted above!! So, I'm guessing he's busy at work and probably won't say much until this evening.
  6. Also, the Bea sprite... total geek girl captured in EGA!! I love it.
  7. Akril; what are you looking for, thematically, for the intro and credits? Can you give examples? I know that ultimately you'll end up deciding, but I hope one us can get help, you deserve it :) I ask because I have some ideas for sources, and can spend a bit of time screening, and compile a short-ish list distilled down to ~30s per track.
  8. Or, you could choose to play out the end credits over nextheory's art! That would be really cool looking. I agree that you probably want something more retro-themed for the main game, and it would be nice if the theme of the main game music was also audible in the end credits (it would be a way for a musician like Spikey to reuse their main theme work with some tweaks). Also, lots of classical music is available, creative commons licensed, in MIDI format. You might choose a chunk of something epic (Wagner, Mussorgsky, Shostakovich, etc) for the victory theme music to save time.
  9. An idea here for using nextheory's image and Akril's work right away... drop his in as a backdrop for the intro screen (where the exposition is for introducing the scenario) then switch to the game background. Yeah, the geometries & object placement are different, but I don't think it would be too confusing, as it would blink away when the player zips through the text. Also (in case anyone cares at all about Linux) I'm only one linker problem away from a Linux build of AGS... I'm trying to set up my build & test environment on the latest Ubuntu release, 12.04LTS (probably 80% of a
  10. Nextheory, you are an amazing artist... I'm blown away that this was one nights, work, I just don't know what to say. Well, after driving to Colorado (I still haven't left... I overslept after staying up too late bumping forums until 3AM) I'm gonna *learn* freakin' AGS just for this image, if not for the Two Guys, One Room effort here...
  11. Idle thought... was lurking over at Tex Murphy (those guys are doing really well right now) and saw a big forum list: Anyone sees one that isn't represented in the our list so far ought to consider participating in a few... first glance has me recognizing most of them, but at least Google Groups, XKCD, and SomethingAwful don't seem to have any mentions so far.
  12. Another brilliant flyer from Irishmile!
  13. It is possible that nextheory is taking a whack at a background. I'm not sure what he'll come up with but he sounded enthusiastic to help. He's also hung over :-P Someone might ping him on IRC in #sq ... I'm packing up for a business trip to Colorado so I'll probably vanish for most of tomorrow morning.
  14. http://www.infamous-adventures.com/forum/index.php?topic=5488
  15. http://www.rpgwatch.com/forums/showthread.php?p=1061143938
  16. Looks great, DJ! Remarks (my opinion alone, not making demands!): Trying to leave the apartment could trigger a message like "You can't bear leaving until you've pledged! TGFA are counting on you!" Vohaul can be a background art element; look/click him and trigger "Vohaul is too sleepy to play... he's been busy eating your power cord." Don't need the boyfriend element; when the door puzzle is unlocked, let her leave to go "convince all of her friends and co-workers to pledge!" Calendar puzzle is extra complication that could just be covered in the intro exposition. Let inventory posse
  17. http://phoronix.com/forums/showthread.php?70204-List-of-Linux-friendly-Kickstarter-projects
  18. I don't know, the way they were describing it, I was thinking it sounded sketchier, more Gabriel Knight "cat hair moustache" and less Maniac Mansion...
  19. Oh, and another dude had ideas involving cats and scaring them off, perhaps luring a mouse with cheese to lure a cat to get it away from the power cable (or something), but I think they were trolling me :) Definitely not sold on in-game cats
  20. Decafjedi's concept, in a nutshell, was that an SQ fan is trapped (in their room, but I vote for basement) and must solve several puzzles to access a computer which sends them to http://tgakick.com ... I like the idea, it's simple and should be doable. On #sq, we all discussed the concept, and there is a lot more AGS experience available (including PCJ himself). Further we all basically agreed that implementing an SCI style (think SQ3) interface & inventory system would be the quickest and most appropriate way to go (I'm thinking, score bar and title at the top, title could be tgakick.co
  21. Wow, great summary StellarSoul! That pretty much covers it.
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