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  1. Chris Pope just confirmed that it was the "Two Guys from Andromeda" name, at least in part, that was the "legal hangup".
  2. All right, Jess... looks like it's up to you to get the ball rolling! Since you'll not be doing coding/implementation, it doesn't particularly matter what the engine is. Write us a story with a description, make 2-3 small puzzles, and sketch it up (even crappy paintbrush style). If not Jess, then SOMEBODY. If it's AGS, and it gets far enough, I would commit to packaging up a Linux build.
  3. Man, I'm so glad these two POSITIVE articles came out on the heels of RPS's harsh criticism. Though, I do understand some of the annoyance and frustration John Walker was expressing; it was really difficult for us frequent KS comment thread denizens to keep morale up with a new written complaint nearly every day. We're picking up backers and pledges at a pretty good clip today! I see it ending nearly a $10K day (prognostication, only; I don't truly have access to a timepod). Here's hoping for a real media onslaught!!
  4. Well, folks! My Slashdot submission has turned "red" (upvoted to the highest visible status level) and is prominently listed in "popular" articles... but still hasn't crested front-page-dom. I'm not sure what more my submission, "Space Quest Spiritual Successor Project, SpaceVenture" needs, but more up-votes can't hurt. So, please do go to: http://slashdot.org/recent ... find the above-named article, and click the + next to it. Let's hope it goes up on the front page and brings on the Slashdot effect. Thanks!
  5. I'v submitted a Slashdot article entitled "Space Quest Spiritual Successor Project, SpaceVenture". Please up-vote it at http://slashdot.org/recent Slashdot up-votes cannot be linked to directly (to foil ad bots), so folks have to log into their accounts, go to the above link, find and up-vote it (click + next to it). I'm trying to get it front-paged, and there is a limited amount of time before it falls off of "recent" posts. Go go go go!!
  6. I wonder what the rights issue was that was cleared up... any insights? They claimed that it somehow threatened the Kickstarter. I'm thinking perhaps a conflict with the "SpaceVentures" name, or possibly the status of the "Two Guys from Andromeda" characters in the SQ series. What do you folks think? Rumours are permitted in this thread, I believe!
  7. Let's do twitter/facebook/google+ on StellarSoul's thread. And I agree, celebrity tweets are more significant. Edit: Actually... if anyone can figure out how I can link to the retweets (not the original tweet), so I will do so. Otherwise I'm not sure what to even list, specifically :wacko:
  8. Plus, I want more protos, myself... :P
  9. I agree completely... it is possible that all the new backers coming in now may be less sensitive to the technical details of them as well.
  10. Perhaps the Two Guys can answer that question... nobody else knows (except perhaps Chris Pop and/or possibly Rahul @Q42)!! Who knows? I've never heard of a crowd-funded game campaign that produced living concept art before... clearly lots of folks don't understand the purpose, and wonder what the point is. The way I see it, it's like tasting a sample of the chocolate used in a chocolate cake... it's not cake, and the bit you ate certainly isn't going into the cake, but it's definitely chocolatey! This question, and more, to be answered in the next 17 days, here at SpaceVenture rumor
  11. Haha, dude, I totally added your podcast to the list of press mentions :-)
  12. Please do reach out to the rest of the new-media & HTML5 community. There are so many sci-fi geeks doing web development, who are excited about the technology, that it would be a shame not to get a mention by them. Hell, Googlers (esp. the Chrome team) ought to be excited that the prototype stage essentially validates much of what they've been claiming for years now.
  13. Ah, dude, I have a full-time job (which I have to be off to in about 5hrs... sleep happens somewhere in the middle). I can scrape a thread for URLs and keep them up to date. But I can't sort through discussion and such to pick them out! I'm also *never* going to go 19 pages deep into a google search again :) I like the tone and momentum of this thread. I'll link out the other one periodically at the Kickstarter thread and hope that it doesn't get cluttered, or else people will have to send me PMs on the forum and I'll give up on keeping it up to date... at any rate, here is my fi
  14. Glanz Handerson here, to bring you the latest in SpaceVenture news! Please post news as you see it; media only, no personal or user blogs unless they're notable (Wil Wheaton, Fellicia Day, Notch, etc). I've attempted to remove duplicates as much as possible, but this is a work-in-progress. I hope it's useful!! Very important... please do not discuss any of the news coverage; for that, we have StellarSoul's thread at: SpaceVenture News and Rumours The Big List of Press (Ascending Chronological Order): April 15, 2012 2012-04-15 Joystiq: http://www.joystiq.c...w-spa
  15. Ok, great! I've got a huge list compiled and sorted by date (you know what I mean). The way I'm used to it working is that I'd maintain the top post, users would post new URLs, and in the top post (near the bottom) I'd simply note the post number that I'm up to. Then, to keep that thread uncluttered, I'd send all discussion to *this* thread, which is suited for actually... well, discussing all the news! All I need is a thread fairy to cling to my news thread and remind people constantly to stop discussing news in the press thread :lol:
  16. Ok, that's what I thought. The way I'm used to a press thread running is that the topic starter sort of "owns" the top post of the thread, and continually updates it (in dated list form or similar) so that newcomers to the thread see the latest at a glance. I'm envisioning something a bit less jovial and a bit more informative (i.e., a little less blokes at the pub, and a little more... well, Wikipedia). I like there being both, but there is still a time and place for a boring list, sorted by date ;)
  17. Ken, I can't believe how active you are on these forums; it's completely unreal to me to actually be interacting with you guys. While you may not have the same industry recognition now as you and your crew did back in the 90's (yes, us geeks actually used to read all the credits and would notice when folks moved between companies!), the lasting impression left on some of us (me!) is a permanent part of our psyche now. Just the other day, I was bantering with Scott on the internet while some guy named John (on the east coast I think?) played his games LIVE and we all watched... I saw you
  18. Currently, I'm only playing Botanicula which I got from the latest Humble Bundle... it's gorgeous and the music is lovely and atmospheric. It also satisfies my occasional craving for point-n-click puzzle adventure games, though I enjoyed the same developer's previous project, Machinarium quite a bit more (thought I'm very near the beginning of Botanicula). I really like the concept and subject matter behind the game, but Machinarium is just such a quirky little game. It feels so "eastern european" in a way, if such a feeling exists (well, it is, but...). From the music to the way you go ab
  19. Chris, there has been some vocal Kickstarter thread dialogue (perhaps minority, but still...) regarding filling in some gaps between the upper reward tiers. I'm super pleased that the number one and two requests for tier modification have been met (that is, addition of digital downloads to physical tiers, and additional tiers under $100), and it is clear that they are gaining in popularity. But that doesn't address the upper tier gaps. The obvious gap-filler would be mid-level tiers which combine physical and digital rewards, for example as the two $100 reward tiers combine at $150 (half
  20. So... this thread. News and rumors about the game itself, as in a wish-list, or actual news and actual rumors as printed in the press? I'm glad that everyone is excited about the parser interface (hybrid P-n-C plus parser, IIRC from both JohnnyPhantom's marathon and then confirmed in the live chat). However this seems not to have anything to do with a proper press-mention list/thread. I'm inclined to begin such a list in another forum topic... any objection?
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