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How LucasArts Fell Apart


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Not sure if this has been posted, or how new this is. Filled with a lot of interesting information that basically confirms what I'd guessed all along. The higher ups just never cared about games. I'm truly sad to read about what 1313 was going to be and what it didn't have the chance to become. This kind of behaviour is so rampant in the entire gaming industry today and is why I still kind of believe that the market will crash again as a result. You can only destroy good projects and screw over loyal fanbases so long before finally they'll wake up and get sick of it. At least, I'd hope so. Good developers and names that were gaming's biggest and best disappear as a result and in their place we have snobby douchebag companies (really, the suits and higher ups/execs) that couldn't give a care about any of it as long as it follows marketing research enough to not be too big a risk so they can make money. It's truly sad and astonishing that this type of leadership, the lies, the betrayal, and the apathy is allowed to continue. It's truly disgusting and I almost feel like we should all be boycotting it entirely until it fixes itself. But I know that's just being naive as to how the industry works and, really, has always worked. It's just that every now and then good things are allowed to happen (Monkey Island, Duke Nukem 3D, Space Quest, tons of other great titles and franchises) and slip under the radar, past the clutches of the great hungry corporate monster and the greedy intruding fingers of the manipulators and meddlers.


It's all so disgusting. I'm glad I've never been buying that many games lately in the past few years. I'd shudder to think that I'd actually purchased Sim City after what happened to that. I'm too afraid to buy anything anymore because you never know what will happen.




A particular quote of painful news:


In news that will certainly crush anyone who enjoyed LucasArts-branded adventure games, the team at LucasArts Singapore was working on a remastered version of the classic point-and-click game Day of the Tentacle, according to three people familiar with that project. Like the special editions of the first two Monkey Island games, released in 2009 and 2010, the remastered Day of the Tentacle would be pseudo-3D, with remade background art and cut-scenes redone to run at 30 frames per second.7


Although this Day of the Tentacle remake was never officially greenlit, two sources say it was almost finished. One person familiar with the project pegs it at 80% done. But it was never approved, and the company's higher-ups had no interest in continuing to make what they called "legacy" titles like this one. So the game remains unreleased—and perhaps there's a near-finished Day of the Tentacle HD sitting on a shelf somewhere in Singapore, never to be touched again.8


It’s devastating. Day of the Tentacle, a hilarious point-n-click adventure that did the whole three protagonists thing years before Grand Theft Auto even existed, is almost impossible to purchase legally today. This is a game that deserves a digital re-release.


“For many involved this was a dream project,” said one person who worked on the game. “But sadly, like many, many LucasArts games in development, it never saw the light of day.”

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