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Announcing The Battle for Antares IV


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Okay, so strictly-strictly this isn't quite a SQ fangame, but it also more or less is.


Essentially this is a mod for the classic TBS/RTS strategy game Rome Total War that puts it in a parody-fantasy universe that is very (read: disconcertingly) similar to that of Space Quest (though with tropes from 40K, Star Trek, Firefly, and other universes thrown in and occasionally lampshaded). I don't know how big the adventure/strategy crossover is so appreciate there may be no interest in this at all, but thought I'd share it here since it has so many nods to SQ. The theme is generally whimsical sci-fi, with the main factions being humans (redshirts!) versus lots of lizard-men. The mercenaries and rebels/natives include a number of SQ links (particularly that the Trogs were based conceptually on the SQ2 hunters, and most obviously that you can hire Sarien Space Pirates as a mercenary unit).


Official dev forum link:



Any questions feel free to ask either here or there as you wish.

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Well, they carry short-rang bomb launching kit, so if you want a ) fireworks or b ) by "doing" the party you mean removing the invitees from the group of people not blown to smithereens they'd probably be able to provide...


EDIT: Also, there's now a download link provided on the forum for anyone who wants to have a go. Bear in mind this is release 1 so it's far from perfected still. :)

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