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Seeking input & clip ideas for upcoming review on King's Quest 2015 + classic Sierra


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Hi all,

I’m a dormant Sierra fan…I used to hang out at Quest Studios maybe 15 years ago. I’m planning to resurface briefly due to the new King’s Quest.


I’m working on an unorthodox video review of King’s Quest 2015 from the perspective of a Sierra fan who remembers 1984. It’s actually turned into a stroll down memory lane of Sierra games and a tear down of how Sierra games actually worked, particularly the relationship between story and puzzles. So there are a lot of clips from many Sierra games. I expect(hope) Sierra fans will find it interesting, and unlike anything that has been done before.



After about 3 months on this, I’m nearing completion and maybe it’s already too late to ask for input, but kind of as a sanity check, and in case I need more clips (I don’t put myself on camera, so I end up needing lots of clips, which is a ton of work but keeps things more relevant), I would appreciate your input on the following questions. (Don’t feel compelled to answer all of them if you don’t have an answer.)



I’m focusing on the positive things in Sierra games. Enough has been said about the negative things that the world doesn’t need another Sierra rant, nor do I think these can advance things forward at this point.


- What was your favorite Sierra puzzle? (Both text parser and point-and-click)


- What Sierra puzzle did you feel pushed you to step up and rise to the occasion? (Note, this doesn’t have to be a hard puzzle, but can also be one that just required you to be attentive because it may not have been explicit, or maybe just had something really creative about it, or just something about it that was special to you)


- What was your favorite text parser moment? (Favorite input or favorite response or could be a puzzle)


- What was your favorite Sierra game moment?


- What was your favorite Sierra death?


- If you liked Sierra “consequences” (e.g. killing the goat in KQ1 means you need to do something else for the bridge troll), what was your favorite consequence?


- Favorite multiple solution puzzle?


- Favorite (Space Quest) Gary Owens line?


- Favorite Sierra song?

- Favorite King’s Quest song?



- How did you feel about Sierra arcade sequences? 

- What do you think of modern QTEs (and their use in KQ2015)?



For clips, I’m finding things with very little or no text work best because of my very fast cuts. Also, I’m finding text parser works better for actions because you can more clearly see what’s being attempted by reading the text entry than inferring that somebody clicked something and what is happening.


- Right now, I think I need some generic Sierra (game) clips for the conclusion. Things that denote legacy, wrapping up, the future, etc. (I’ve already used a lot of clips in other places and I’m trying to not repeat which makes it more challenging.)



Also, since I’ve been out of the communities so long, what other communities would you recommend reaching out to? (I think I had an AGDI account, but long forgot it.)




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Well, the overall video is about done, and it’s just final touches/fixes, so I’m not planning to make major changes at this point and don't need input or clips any more. However, here are some of my answers. It still might be interesting to hear others.
- What was your favorite text parser moment? (Favorite input or favorite response or could be a puzzle)
I’m currently featuring (among others) the SQ2 jockstrap sling shot, Hero’s Quest pick nose, KQ4 rap, LSL7 eat beaver. I was going for family friendly so I left out some.
- What was your favorite Sierra death?
From a clip perspective, I’m using a lot from Space Quest (and probably an overweighting of SQ3) because they are very visual without needing text or additional context. In contrast, some of my favorite QFG deaths don’t make so much sense without the death dialog box.
-  Sierra “consequences”
Currently I have KQ6 multiple endings, SQ1 not getting the data cartridge, Hero’s Quest killing the bear, Conquests of Longbow the peasant woman living or dying, QFG2 killing or refusing to kill the EOF fighter, QFG2 helping (or not) the caged beast.
- Favorite multiple solution puzzle
I dropped a segment that was going to use the SQ2 jockstrap/throw-rock/run-and-yell puzzle.
- What Sierra puzzle did you feel pushed you to step up and rise to the occasion? 
I do a dissection/analysis of the KQ1 getting magic chest + dwarf challenge.
I also mention (with commentary excerpts from Scott Murphy and Mark Crowe) the SQ3 garbage freighter.
I also talk about a single puzzle from KQ2015.
I cut a segment that was going to use the SQ2 jockstrap/rock/run-and-yell puzzle.
- Favorite (Space Quest) Gary Owens line?
As a tribute, I’ve been trying to work in Gary Owens lines into my review where they fit. Not as much as I would have liked, but I think it works. I'll leave it as a surprise. 
- Favorite Sierra song?
- Favorite King’s Quest song?
I’m King’s Quest music throughout the review to drive home a specific point. I’ve used up most of KQ4, KQ5, and a lot of KQ6. Even got KQ1 and KQ3 in the mix. However, in the one section where I talk about music explicitly, I’m putting a short montage together of catchy/memorable songs that can convey this in 4 to 8 second clips.
Currently I have Space Quest theme, LSL theme, Hero’s Anthem (QFG1 theme), World O’ Wonders (SQ3), St. George’s Books (GK1), Weeping Willow (KQ5), The Thief break-in (QFG1-2), Erana’s Peace (QFG1), Let’s Shop!/Galaxy Galleria (SQ4), Glastonbury Tor & Mad Monk (Camelot).
(I feel a little bad that I used very few Police Quest clips. I thought about using a song because it really sounds great on an MT-32, but everybody’s first reaction is “that’s so 80’s”, which I don’t want derailing the point.)

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