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  1. I see SpaceVenture as the 'Next' space quest series. Happening somewhere else in the same universe. Who knows, if the TwoGuys do get the rights to Roger and SQ, maybe we will see some crossover cameos or such.
  2. Does anybody else find the similarities between Astro Chicken and Cluck Y"Egger ironic?
  3. I'm working my way through the AGS library and TSL, and just finished VSB and Incinerations. (I don't have much playing time so it takes a while for me to complete without using walkthroughs)
  4. There's always a keycard lying around somewhere. Have you checked the dead guy yet?
  5. Here's an idea either update the game or make part II for the Stretch campaign.
  6. You guys can ease your adventuring anxiety over at http://www.tsl-game.com . The Silver Lining is a King's Quest based fan game that is just incredible.
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