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  1. Hi all, I'm Warren, 33, from Canada. I've been a computer programmer for 15+ years now and work for a company that makes websites and mobile apps. I've been a Space Quest fan since I was 9 or 10 years old and was first introduced to Sierra games at a friends house who showed me PQ1 on his family PC. Once my dad upgraded our old VIC 20 to a used IBM PS/2 Model 30 (with an 8MHz 8086 processor and MCGA graphics no less!), I couldn't get enough of these games. Overcoming the technical limitations of that old PS/2 in order to play these games is really what got me into computers in the first place. Talk about sticking a square peg in a round hole, I used to take my newest Sierra game to a friends house because they had a high density disk drive, ARJ it into multiple volumes on low density disks, then copy and unARJ them onto my sweet 20MB hard drive (read: Max ~10MB game). Thank god that thing had 640K of RAM. (For those of you in your 20's this probably sounds like a 'When I was your age, I walked uphill both ways!' story.) Over the years I've lurked around the SQ corners of the web and had a couple brief interactions with the community. I've also been fortunate to be one of the people chosen to help sort out some of the audio/video difficulties with the SpaceVenture podcasts and commentaries. Anyway, I figured it's better late than never to stop lurking and step out of the shadows. What a great time to be an adventure game fan.
  2. I had a feeling you guys were Jonas Bros roadies...hey wait, there's still a big gap in there!
  3. Nice work on the podcast guys. Really filled in some gaps had some great bits of insight!
  4. Bridge that gap for us Troels! How did Chris come into contact with the Two Guys, what influence did he have (if any) on the two reuniting for a new game, and how will being a part of Guys From Andromeda LLC affect Social Stars Web going forward (if at all)?
  5. I'd like to hear about Chris' past work history and how he came to be where he is today.
  6. The thought of someone doing an interview/podcast with Chris, not "who is this guy" just to be clear!
  7. The thought had occurred to me prior to this conversation, but maybe someone should interview Chris so everyone can get to know him a little bit better, and how he came to be involved in this project.
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